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28 Dec

Research: The forefront of discovery and how SPSU is at the forefront

Research is an integral part of any education, may it be a management degree or an engineering degree. It is the basis of any course because research helps students realise how the industry functions and current market trends.

Research involves an in-depth and systematic search or study of a subject or topic, including collection, interpretation, presentation, and compilation of relevant data or details. It is a careful inquiry or search into any selected subject, which helps to find meaningful and valuable facts that might help in enhancing existing solutions or solving problems in a matter.

Moreover, scientific analysis research can help form new theories, discover new techniques, modify old techniques or even eliminate an old technique. Here are a few advantages of research and why every college should develop its expertise in the same:

  • Progress and good life: Development is the primary basis of any research in a degree. Progress happens when the space of ignorance is taken by wisdom and knowledge. Good research can lead to both, thereby offering the overall development to a degree.
  • A Knowledge Building Tool: Research helps in knowledge expansion and building. Any expert in a particular field always has something to learn. If you learn about a topic entirely new to you, it shall help to build your unique perspective about the same. This entire procedure opens new doors for literary growth and learning.
  • Innovation and expansion of scientific attitude: Students are encouraged to conduct research in all fields because it helps develop scientific attitudes. The curiosity to find answers in a scientific attitude helps students to grasp a better understanding and knowledge of a product. The know-how and know-why are the aptest talents in this world. This approach helps students develop their overall knowledge and understanding of a subject.
  • Increases employment opportunities: Business, tech or any other industry is always in dire need of students who are masters in research. Hence, research has an undeniable role in the market. MNCs and even unicorn startups have a certain amount invested for research and development to store and get all data from the market. The academic research phase helps students in preparation for research tasks that will come in the future.
  • Enables Efficient Learning: Certain studies have revealed that students doing research had better memory power as well as developed problem-solving and mathematical skills. Hence, research helps students to restore as well as protect their memory. Development of these points means an increased understanding of theories and concepts. Moreover, research helps enhance students’ learning capacity and perform better than their competitors.

SPSU, Udaipur, is one of the best private universities in India that thoroughly follow all the aforementioned points.

Established on the principles of J.K. Cement, SPSU is a pioneer in encouraging students to conduct research. The unwavering commitment and dedication to helping students in research have aided SPSU to be at the forefront of most engineering and management colleges in the country. To date, the college and its partners together have invested over INR 35 lakhs in research projects.

As a leading technology college, SPSU has encouraged and worked with students to conduct research projects in the I.T. sector. In the present scenario, the college has invested an amount of INR 70,000 towards a research project on IoT. The project is set to complete in 2024.

Likewise, research projects have helped J.K. Cement’s SPSU university create direct and robust relationships with international companies and organisations. These partnerships can help students during their placements in many ways.

One of the ongoing projects of SPSU, Rainbow – focused on working and finding brilliant talents of young women, has a funding grant of EURO 5,87,386 from the Erasmus program of the European Union. This project also has a few prestigious partners like FH Joanneum from Austria, Incoma from Spain, the University of Jyvaskyla located in Finland, and other partners from India.

Since its establishment, SPSU has worked on various projects and completed them. Projects like Secure Image Encryption Scheme and Quantum mechanical investigation into RNA and DNA from other charged particles have the involvement of the Government of India as well.

The college also created an electronic waste management model in 2019.

Research projects have helped in the development of SPSU’s students. Apart from the placement advantage, International and national collaborations have helped the university conduct guest lectures from experts in various fields.

Moreover, apart from top-class research projects, SPSU has strong industrial collaborations with top companies in India. In addition, the college has a splendid campus and experienced faculty who focus on the overall development of a student. So enrol today at J.K. Cement’s SPSU to thrive in your career and make it to the top in any industry.

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