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06 Dec

Importance of Industrial Collaborations – How SPSU Is Leading The Charge

With the growing advent of technology in all aspects of our lives, education systems must innovate and transition their courses to produce effective engineers, top-class managers, and highly-skilled professionals. Inventive and visionary skills along with a pinch of ingenious problem solving are a necessity to meet society’s needs, resolve global problems, and improve the national economy.
Hence, industry-academia partnerships are more important now than ever. Since they help in the development, and transition of a student by providing multi-disciplinary education in accordance with the market standards. Industrial collaborations are a vital part of any curriculum. They help universities to develop an industry-ready curriculum, and subsequently a job-ready degree

Here are a few advantages of industrial collaborations for students:

  • When an expert of a particular field exclusively imparts knowledge to students, it creates a better impression, increases respect and develops an in-depth understanding of the subject.
  • In addition, any university’s direct contacts with a company, provide access to real-time market jobs for its students. Moreover, a student can also get placed right after graduation if he performs exceptionally well in such real-time jobs.
  • Furthermore, a student gets familiar with the industry operations, and better understands the corporate sector. Exposure to real-time jobs is among the best perks of an industry-academia collaboration. It is a win-win situation for students, universities, as well as companies.
  • To summarise, industrial collaborations aid a student’s 360-degree development, networking, and industry exposure. Since such partnerships involve immense time investment, continued efforts with an aim of student welfare, colleges skip this part from the student development.

However, in India, where quality education is a highly debatable question, industrial collaborations are commenced and nurtured by very few colleges.
SPSU, one of the top colleges in Rajasthan, is at the forefront of this initiative. Built on the principles of J K Cement, SPSU provides multi-disciplinary education in management and engineering to groom students with the best in the industry.
Additionally, with the assistance of leading technology companies the college offers industry-ready curriculum to transition students into market leaders and exceptional individuals. SPSU aims to leverage the latest technology infrastructure, suggestions from best-in-class faculty and industry experts to devise a job-ready degree for students.
With an aim to offer only the best to students, the university is partnering with big firms and expanding its reach. The college seeks mentorship from industry leaders and better internship programs to transition students into highly skilled individuals. With the motto Dreams take flight at J K Cement’s SPSU University, SPSU is planning to expand their industrial partnerships and involve other market giants in the initiative.
As it is among the leading engineering colleges in India, SPSU has collaborated with various tech mammoths.

Here’s a list of the few MNCs SPSU has collaborated with:-

  1. AWS academy – Tech giant Amazon has established AWS academy, which contains a series of courses. These courses help students to upskill in the AWS cloud. The college has partnered with AWS academy to get direct AWS support in the student curriculum. This shall further enhance and grow a student’s cloud computing expertise.
  2. Intel – Majorly known for manufacturing semiconductors, Intel is a tech giant operating across all tech spaces. In this scenario, SPSU is working with Intel to develop an updated curriculum and conduct international experts’ lectures. The college has also worked with the company to set up a best-in-class, latest technology-based computing IoT lab with a certification opportunity.
  3. TCS iON – SPSU is working with TCS iOn, a unit of the Tata Company, with Small and Medium manufacturing Industries, educational institutions, and examination boards as their primary focus. Students at SPSU get the opportunity to pursue a remote internship program in cloud computing with TCS iON.
  4. Microsoft – Tech giant Microsoft works for the welfare of university students intending to instil primitive knowledge of the latest technologies. At SPSU, a student can get certifications for cloud computing from Microsoft, which is an exceptional point to highlight during their interviews.
  5. GHH Group – A renowned vehicle construction company, SPSU’s educational partner, provides unique Mechanical Engineering certifications.
  6. AWS academy – 6. Other companies like BEUMER GROUP and FLSmidth provide certifications in cement technology for interested engineers.
    Thanks to these collaborations and J K Cement’s reliant support, SPSU has managed to stand out among the management and engineering colleges of the country. As an aspirant, consider joining SPSU for a promising, tech-based and developed future.
    The college looks forward to your enrollment and kicking off an incredible growth, expansion, and networking journey.

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