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06 Dec

7 Reasons Why You Should Pursue an MBA at SPSU

Recently, the managerial demand has been significantly higher as the number of companies is spiking in the country. Moreover, the rising inflation and covid-19 layoffs have also resulted in vacancies for senior positions in hierarchy. Hence, India is in the dire need of good managers.
All companies, big or small, require good leaders to manage organisational procedures and further lead the company towards success.
Hence, India’s top-tier B-schools are providing career-oriented MBA programs. In addition, universities consistently strive to formulate an industry-ready curriculum, thereby creating a job-ready degree for students.

However, not every college is successful in devising the right MBA strategy. Very few colleges in India manage to innovate the perfect curriculum for students. J K Cement’s SPSU has emerged as a leader in the education department, offering market-focused MBA degrees. The college is among the best management colleges in Udaipur, offering various specialisations like Operations Management, Finance, HR, Marketing, and others . The college boasts the principles of J K Cement. Moreover, SPSU’s role in transforming students into future managers makes the college popular among graduates.

Listed below are seven reasons why you should consider doing an MBA from SPSU:

  1. Best-in-class faculty: 
  2. MBA faculty is an integral part of imparting the perfect education to students. Professors of MBA are expected to perform four roles – trainer, researcher, consultant, and teacher. All four roles are interlinked and give the best outcome for a professional MBA-pursuing student. Additionally, the ethics and ground rules devised by J K Cement provide the best faculty foundation for students.
    Professors at SPSU leverage advanced technologies, top-notch tools and utilise case study-based teaching methods to aid students in better understanding a concept. The case study approach ensures good learning outcomes. Adopting this method has made SPSU one of the best MBA colleges in Udaipur.

  3. Extensive facilities:
  4. SPSU is home to a vast library established in 2007. The computerised library contains all MBA research books. Since it is an integral part of the university, all students and faculty members have access to the library. In addition, the university offers residential facilities comprising six boys’ hostels and three girls’ hostels. All these hostels have full-time internet connectivity, TVs, and other necessary amenities.
    Apart from these, the university has a 30-acre sports facility for students who wish to try their luck in sports. Furthermore, SPSU is among the few MBA colleges in Udaipur with 100% solar power backup.

  5. Reasonable fee structure and exclusive scholarships:
  6. SPSU provides a postgraduate management degree with relatively economical fees. A general MBA program in any discipline costs ₹ 1,93,000 per year, whereas a part-time MBA costs ₹ 1,40,000 per year. These charges increase slightly for MBA in Business Analytics.
    Thanks to the J K Cement scholarship, financially challenged students can get their entire fees waived if they fulfil the scholarship criteria. Likewise, there are various other scholarships, depending on a student’s merit in the graduation and SPSAT score.

  7. Placements:
  8. It is said that the older the college, the higher the placement records. Though SPSU was established in 2007, it has notable placements in MBA. Backed by JK Cement and a consistently striving placement cell, SPSU is in continued effort to improve its placement scenario.
    Renowned companies like Bajaj, BYJU’S, and Reliance have recruited students from SPSU. Apart from these companies, Verbo, IntelliPaat, and FundVizer have also visited and offered jobs to various candidates. Almost 34% of students from SPSU have bagged a job offer of over 4 LPA. Highest package was 10 LPA, and these numbers are growing each year.

  9. Industrial Collaborations:
  10. Industrial collaborations drive SPSU into the best management colleges in Udaipur. The university has joined hands with various technology giants for the welfare of students. Industry academia relationships help students get direct on-the-job training and understand the industry in a better way.
    Such collaborations promote healthy relationships and enhance students’ networking skills. These partnerships also help universities to arrange guest lectures and develop an industry-ready curriculum by incorporating experts’ suggestions.
    AWS Academy, Intel, Microsoft, TCS iON, SAS, and Hindustan Zinc are a few university partners who help in curriculum updates and provide top-class internships. Furthermore, such partnerships help in the development of a job-ready degree. Visit the blog – Importance of Industrial Collaborations to learn more.

  11. SWAYAM Initiative:
  12. SPSU has selected 20 courses for its students from the SWAYAM portal. SWAYAM is an initiative by the Government of India that offers extensive courses in various disciplines with credit points. Students can leverage these points to have an additional management certification to their general degree. Visit the SWAYAM portal on the college website to know more.

  13. Project endeavour
  14. J K Cement promotes growth through continued innovation, initiative and research. Hence, SPSU has innovated ‘Project Endeavour’ to improve student-faculty relationships. The college has designed Saturday’s timetable for both students and teachers in a way to develop a distinguished concept which needs deep learning, articulation, initiating discussion, facilitating research, and analysing. This shall further aid students in coming up with ideas openly.
    These are just a few attractive traits from the suite of SPSU amenities and features. So, visit the SPSU website and enrol today to get a market-oriented MBA degree from J K Cement’s prestigious SPSU in Udaipur.

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