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Training and Placement Cell (TPC) Rules

(Session: 2022-23)

Placement is a privilege extended to the students not a right. The University will render placement assistance to its students. The Placement Cell and various faculty members will facilitate and provide guidance to students in this regard.

1.0  Role of TPC
2.0 Eligibility
3.0 Registration for Placement Assistance
4.0 Application Procedure
5.0 Short listing
6.0 Interview Procedure
7.0 General Attire guidelines
8.0 Punctuality
9.0 Withdrawal
10.0  Offers
11.0   Conclusion

It will be in the interest of all concerned that the final Placement Process adheres to and supports the contents of this note, as successful completion of this program will benefit both SPSU and the students.

Student’s Name:
Enrollment Number:
I hereby undertake, in seeking Placement Assistance from Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur to abide by the Placement Rules 2022-23, the modified rules, if any and the ones stipulated by TPC for placement from time to time during Placements 2022-23. I shall also honour the efforts of the University by joining the organization that has offered me a job of my choice through the placement programme.
I also hereby undertake to abstain from any irresponsible behavior such as derogatory remarks about the University in the social media or otherwise affecting the reputation and sanctity of the University.
(Signature of the Student)
(Signature of Parent/ Guardian)
(Head of Department)
(Head of Institution)


Student’s Name:
Enrollment Number:
I hereby undertake voluntarily to opt out of Placement Assistance from Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur. I sincerely thank the University for having offered assistance through their placement programme.
Reasons for opting out, if any:
(Signature of the Student)
(Head of Department)
(Head of Institution)

FAQs on 'Placement Rules 2022-23'

Who can register for Placement Assistance?

Any SPSU student can register. At the registration stage, the student is required to give additional information and an undertaking for Placement Assistance.

Where should the student register for Placement Assistance?

Office of the Training and Placement Cell

Any pre-condition for registration?

The student is required to give resume (Soft and Hard Copy), 5 photographs and a signed undertaking, the format for which is available at Annexure-A of Placement Rules 2022-23.

When should the student register for Placement Assistance?


What happens if the student does not register for Placement Assistance?

SPSU will assume that the student does not require any placement assistance from the University and his/her name will be taken out of Placement Assistance.

What are the eligibility criteria for Placement Assistance?

  • Student should have met minimum academic requirements
  • Student must have paid term fee for every term
  • Student must have registered with TPC
  • Students should not have multiple back-logs

What will be the status of students who fall short of eligibility criteria?

University at its discretion and convenience may offer Placement assistance based on criteria evolved from time to time.

How does the student know that the Placement Assistance is over for him/her?

The following signify end of Placement Assistance
  • Student getting a Job Offer
  • Student refusing to sit for the interview.
  • If the student is not selected in 5 companies

Who nominates the students against particular placement opening?

University invites, with the help of TPC, the interested students and then nominates from those students. Depending on the requirements of the Company, the student will be required to qualify based on certain Pre-Tests, short-listing criteria or Interviews.

Can a student be considered for interview in case he/she has missed or not qualified in the nomination process?

Sorry, not possible.

Can a student approach the company directly quoting the announced request for placement?

No. If a student is found doing so, his/her name will be taken out of the Placement Assistance.

What happens if a student gets nominated but later he/she does not appear for the interview?

It amounts to one withdrawal.

How many opportunities a student can avail?

The student can keep attending till he/she is not selected by maximum five corporates at the end of their process. As a rule, the student is required to go through the whole process with each Corporate. Absence at any stage amounts to withdrawal. Non-selection in 5 Corporates or withdrawal once makes the student go out of the Placement Assistance.

What happens in case the students have not been selected 5 times during interviews with 5 Corporates?

He/she gets out of the Placement Assistance

What happens if a student is selected by the first company itself, but that company does not happens to be the student’s dream company?

  • Students need to be highly selective in choosing companies.
  • The student doesn’t have a choice to reject, once he/she gets an offer.
  • Once student gets an offer he gets out of the Placement Assistance.

When a student gets shortlisted in a company, can the student appear for more interviews?

Of course, yes. He/she is allowed till the student gets selected in a company, provided the student has not been disqualified in 5 companies till then.

Placement Policy

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