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SPSU is a preferred destination to recruit from, for a large number of companies. We feel validated in the quality of education and experience we provide to our students when a majority of our students are successfully placed on campus. Each of our programmes are designed to give our students a balanced education with theory as well as practical knowledge. In addition, they are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities as it helps them develop soft skills and develop well rounded personalities. It is this that differentiates our students and makes them a valuable part of any company they join.

 At SPSU, We are very pro-active towards bridging the industry-academia gap. For these reasons, we have taken several initiatives to reduce this gap and build the strong connection with the industry. Due to rapid changes in the market, it became critical for the organizations to incorporate these changes as quickly as possible. At SPSU through corporate relation series, we aim to teach our students about these changes and the decision making behind these changes.

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SPSU guest lecture series named is as DISHA. The Objective of DISHA is to invite industry leaders from different domains and share their corporate and personal journey with SPSU students. These sessions aim to acquaint the students with real-life organizational challenges through the experience and journey of the invited industry leaders and entrepreneurs. Such sessions provide an opportunity for students to links the theoretical concepts learned in the class with the practical experiences of the industry.

Dr. Mohan Lal Agarwal
President, Indo-Gulf Management Association

Date: 2 Sept 2022
SPSU is honoured to host Dr. Mohan Lal Agarwal, President, Indo-Gulf Management Association where he talks about simulation game for management students.

Dr. Akansha Kumar
Chief Data Scientist, Jio Platforms Ltd.

Date: 15 Sept 2022
SPSU is honoured to host Dr. Akansha Kumar, Chief Data Scientist, Jio Platforms Ltd. where he talks about The What, Why and How of Interpretability and Explainability in Data Science.

Dr. Sibani Mohapatra
Consulting Partner, TCS

Date: 3 Nov 2022
SPSU is honoured to host Dr. Sibani Mohapatra, (Fellow, IIM Indore), Consulting Partner –Analytics, TCS where she talks about Data Analytics approach- Industry 4.0

Mr. Mehul Parekh
Founder & CEO, Alacrity E-Commerce
Date: 16 Dec 2022
SPSU is honoured to host Mr. Mehul Parekh, Founder & CEO, Alacrity E-Commerce where he talks about 7-C Business Mantra

Our Prominent Recruiters

Corporate Resource Cell Team

Dr. Tushar Somnathe

Director Partnership & Placement
Email: tushar.somnathe@spsu.ac.in

Mr. Angsuman Satpathy
Manager Partnerships & Placements
Email: angsuman.satpathy@spsu.ac.in
Cell: +91-6371600867
Corporates may reach out to us at the email porvided for all intenship related offers /details /queries placements@spsu.ac.in