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Panache 2023 - the Annual Techno-Management Cultural Extravaganza

Date : February 09-10, 2023
The riveting and vibrant the Annual Techno-Management Cultural Extravaganza of Sir Padampat Singhania University 'Panache 2023' was organised on Feb 9 th -10 th 2023. The University witnessed a plethora of events ranging from technical, cultural and managerial fields during the fest. The fiesta 'Panache 2023' was inaugurated by the Honourable President and Vice Chancellor of the University Prof.(Dr.)Padmakali Banerjee. Celebrating the culture of the University and the multicultural learning environment she invigorated the students to set goals, keep the spirits high, work with exuberance, achieve milestones and be the brand ambassadors of change. Applauding the creativity and talent showcased by the students she motivated them to develop solutions to the global challenges. She highlighted that the University is pioneering relentlessly to address sustainability by connecting multidisciplinary capabilities and social goals to build a better tomorrow.

The joviality comprised of Concept Presentation on – Conserve Energy for a better tomorrow, creative Ad Jingles Making Competition, the delightful salad making competition, enigmatic workshop on Arduino- Design and Programming, innovative Kite Decoration competition, the ingenious Ideathon Competition, the magnificent Design of Bridge using Popsicles, the exciting Ad Mad Show- Razzmatazz and the erudite Budget pe Charcha.

Spin Junction- the cultural programme had more creative energy, party spirit and skills that got students to re-live their love for the 'rock' genre of music, folk and classical dances and theater performances. The audience enjoyed the sound of guitars along with the vocals by the finest singers. The swelling notes of music, resounding cheers of the crowd and the enthralling band performance added to the ambience of excitement, joy, happiness and positivity turning the fest into a great experience for all. The event was very well managed by the student coordinators. The Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Sanjiv Tomar, Deans, Registrar Dr. Sanjay Mishra, HoD’s, faculty members and administrative staff of the University motivated the students with their presence. Dr. Monika Anand, Dr. Deepak Vyas, Dr. Shibani Banerjee and Dr. Archana Gajbaye were the coordinators for the event.

Panache 2023 – the Annual Techno-Management Cultural Extravaganza