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National Girl Child Day Celebration


Date : January 24, 2024

SPSU celebrated National Girl Child Day with the objectives of promoting awareness about the rights of the girl child to bridge the gender divide and to lay emphasis on the importance of girl’s education, health and nutrition. Lavanya Agarwal, Suhani Bafna, Ashwini Kumar Sharma & Dilkhush Giri Goswami participated in open mic session and expressed their view on the occasion of National Girl Child Day. Dr. Monika Anand, Dr. Shibani Banerjee & Mr. D. K. Gupta motivated the girls with their words of wisdom on this day. They also emphasised on the distinct challenges encountered by girls like gender inequality, school dropouts, healthcare challenges, child marriage, and gender-based violence. SPSU wishes empowering every girl to break barriers, pursue education, and contribute to building a brighter future.

National Girl Child Day Celebration