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SPSU Promotes Dental Health with Successful Check-up Camp


Date : February 1, 2024

As part of commitment to promoting overall welfare Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur organised a Dental Check-up Camp for the students, staff and residents of the University on Feb 1, 2024. Senior Dental professionals from Bansal Dental Clinic and three medical staff conducted thorough examinations and provided personalized advice on oral care and hygiene, common dental issues and preventive measures. The camp served as a platform for individuals to engage with healthcare professionals, fostering awareness and understanding of oral health. The President of the University appreciated the initiative and highlighted the university’s commitment to promoting a holistic approach to well-being. Coordinated by Deputy Dean Student Welfare. The camp garnered active participation from various segments of the university, including the President, Dean Research, Dean School of Management and Engineering, Proctor, Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Faculty, and members of the SPSU fraternity. The students, in particular, embraced the opportunity to prioritize their dental health.

SPSU Promotes Dental Health with Successful Check-up Camp