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Spotlight Club - Mehendi Competition

Date : September 14, 2023

Faculty Coordinators:
Dr Disha Mathur
Mr Avinash Ojha

Student Coordinators:
Anamika Gupta, Sangepu Siddartha, Shifa Shafat Sheikh

Spotlight club organised the Mehendi Competition on September 14, 2023. The Mehendi Competition showcased the rich artistry of participants in the application of Mehendi. It was a part of our cultural celebration and aimed to promote creativity and traditional art forms among the students. A total of 16 participants took part in the competition. The enthusiasm and artistic flair of the students was remarkable. The participants exhibited an array of designs, from traditional to contemporary, showcasing their versatility and creativity. The competition was judged by a panel of experts who evaluated the designs based on their intricacy, neatness, and originality. Anamika Kumari emerged as the winner, and Tanisha Agrawal secured the runner-up position. The Mehendi Competition was a grand success due to the tireless efforts of our student coordinators. It provided a platform for students to showcase their talent and creativity, reinforcing our commitment to fostering cultural appreciation and artistic expression. The winners and participants alike left the event with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Such events not only celebrate tradition but also encourage our students to explore their artistic inclinations.

Spotlight Club – Mehendi Competition