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Second International Expert Lecture

Date : January 15, 2024
On January 15, 2024, under the series of Expert Lecture Colloquium 2024, hosted by the Directorate of Research and Publications and the International Affairs Office, Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur organized the Second International Lecture in Online and Offline mode. Prof. Bui Thanh Hung was the distinguished speaker from the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Prof. Hung delivered an enlightening presentation on “A Novel Fusing Image and Text Sentiment Analysis Approach”. Dr. Hung is an accomplished professor renowned for his ground-breaking work in the field of sentiment analysis, particularly focusing on a novel approach that involves fusing both image and text data.

The fusion of image and text sentiment analysis is becoming increasingly relevant in our interconnected world, where multimedia content plays a central role in communication. Dr. Hung work shed light on innovative methodologies that hold great promise for a wide range of applications, from social media analytics to marketing strategies

Prof (Dr.) Prasun Chakrabarti, the Dean of Research and International Affairs, extended a warm welcome to our esteemed guest and participants, he stressed on the role of research in shaping the lives of students. Prof. (Dr.) Naveen Kumar, Registrar at SPSU, focused on the collaborative research and the benefits students will have out of it. He thanked Prof. Hung for taking out time from his busy schedule and enlightening our students with his wealth of knowledge. He motivated and congratulated the team members of the directorate of research for such initiatives. The session concluded with an engaging Q&A segment, during which students actively and enthusiastically participated.

Second International Expert Lecture