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The Fresher’s Welcome- Orions’22 at SPSU

Date : November 18, 2022
‘Beautiful stars decorating the night sky, bright lights displaying everyone’s happiness, music, dance and enthusiasm all over the place, brings together a night to remember.’ One of the most memorable events in a student’s life after entering into the college is the welcome that they receive from their seniors. Sir Padampat Singhania University celebrated ‘ORIONS’22 – The Fresher’s Welcome’ on November 10, 2022. The fun-filled day comprised of activities as Culture in Fashion, Paper Dance, Dialogue, Cards Castle, Whisper Challenge / Dodge Ball etc. The thrill and excitement of the students in these activities was worth watching. In the Evening the campus reverberated with pulsating music, dance, joy, happiness, positivity and vibrant performances by the students. The students were given a warm welcome in the ‘RETRO’ style, which was the theme of the party. Everyone dressed in various styles according to the theme, be it the style of the actors and actresses of the golden era or fusion added to the magnificent evening. Mr. and Ms. Fresher’s was the most exciting event of the day. Bhanu Reddy (B.Tech) and Suhani Bafna (B.Tech) were declared as Mr and Ms Fresher’s 2022. The seniors through these activities have strengthened the bond of togetherness and sown the seeds of innovation and creativity. The event successfully ended with DJ playing music for everyone to groove to the beats. The event had the blessings of Vice Chancellor and President Prof.(Dr.) Padmakali Banerjee who is always a source of inspiration and strong believer of empowering youth by providing them the opportunities to showcase their talent for the holistic and all round development. The Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Sanjiv Tomar witnessed and commended the efforts of the students. The student team of Y. Aaarthi, Yashpriyadeep Katta, Sandeep Gehlot, Himanshu Rajpurohit, Vipul Dang, K. Akhil Reddy, Drishti Suthar, Tanisha Rathore along with the faculty team of Dr. Monika Anand, Deputy Dean Student Welfare, Dr. Deepak Vyas, Proctor, Dr. Archana Gajbaye, Dr. Shibani Banerjee coordinated the event. Dr. Sadananda Prusty, Dean, SOM, Dr. DS Chouhan, Dr. Yashovardhan Vyas, Dr. Tulika Chakraborty, Dr. Mukesh Kalla, Mr. Harish Tiwari, Mr. Pankaj Rastogi, and other members of the SPSU fraternity supported the event.

Orions’22 at SPSU