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Green Rakhi, Extempore and International Mother Language Day Celebration

Date : February 21, 2024
HOPE -The Environment Club of the University organized Green Rakhi event on February 21 st , 2024. Students and senior faculty members joined hands to tie traditional protective threads, Rakhis, to plants. They pledged to safeguard and preserve nature, recognizing the pressing need to address climate change for a healthier future. The event witnessed the presence of forty individuals, including the faculty advisor, club members, and esteemed faculty members.

Following this, the International Mother Language Day was commemorated with an Extempore Competition. The day honoured the sacrifices made during the language movement and highlighted the struggle for linguistic and cultural rights. UNESCO designated February 21 st as International Mother Language Day in 1999. The event, anchored by Dr. Tulika Chakrabarti, the faculty advisor of HOPE Club, saw active participation from Prof. Deepak Vyas, Prof. Monika Anand, Dr. Anand Bhaskar, Dr. Anurag Shukla and Mr. Aman Jain who contributed through songs, poem recitals and speeches in their respective mother languages.

Fifteen students participated in the Extempore Competition which was judged by Prof. Deepak Vyas, Dr. Anand Bhaskar and Dr. Anurag Shukla. Khushi Modi (B.Tech II year), G. Jahanvi (B.Tech I year) and Priyanshi Patwa (BBA, I year) stood at first, second and third position respectively.

Green Rakhi, Extempore and International Mother Language Day Celebration