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Global Perspectives in Civil Engineering: Advancements & Innovations (GPCEAI-2024)

Date : February 21, 2024,
The Department of Civil Engineering at Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur, successfully organized the One-Day International Seminar on “Global Perspectives in Civil Engineering: Advancements & Innovations” (GPCEAI-2024) on February 21, 2024, at LT-02.

Mr. Avinash Ojha, the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, extended a warm welcome to participants during the inaugural session. Esteemed guests, including Col. Sanjay Sinha (Head, Education Vertical, JK Cement Ltd), Prof. Dr. Prasun Chakrabarti (Director, DoRP), Prof. Dr. Arun Kumar Sir (Dean, SOE), Prof. Dr. Sadananda Prusty (Dean, SoM), and faculty members from various departments, graced the event with their presence.

The seminar aimed to provide a platform for discussing pertinent issues related to advancements and innovations in civil engineering, fostering learning and knowledge exchange among participants. Key highlights included presentations by distinguished speakers from various professional backgrounds. In first session, Prof. Dr. Arun Kumar from SPSU discussed applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Civil Engineering, emphasizing the importance for civil engineers to acquire proficiency in various AI-ML techniques. In the second session, Mr. Kuldeep Singh from Loughborough University, London, addressed autonomous vehicles and road safety issues, while in the third session, Dr. Manish Dadhich from SPSU highlighted the significance of Smart and Sustainable Cities. And in the fourth session, Er. Gopal Bhadu from Archi Group of Constructions demonstrated innovative reinforcement techniques.

With over 40 candidates registering for the seminar, 23 participants attended in person, while others joined online. Mr. Avinash Ojha served as the Organizing Chairman, supported by Mr. Aman Jain and Dr. Lokesh Gupta as convenors of the international seminar. The GPCEAI-2024 Seminar proved to be a success, fostering meaningful discussions, knowledge exchange, and insights into the latest advancements in civil engineering. The diverse participation and valuable contributions from speakers and attendees alike made the event intellectually stimulating. The Department of Civil Engineering expresses gratitude to all participants, speakers, Admin Department, ITS Department and the organizing team, looking forward to future seminars that will continue to promote innovation and excellence in civil engineering.

Global Perspectives in Civil Engineering: Advancements & Innovations (GPCEAI-2024)