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Elements-The Writers Club Logo Construal Competition

Date : December 14, 2022

Elements- The Writers’ Club organized the Logo Construal Competition on December 14, 2022. The students designed the logos on the topic ‘Vocal for Local’. 43 students participated in the event and gave presentation on the significance of their logo designs. The contestants came up with many diverse and unique ideas. The logos were judged on different grounds such as relevance, description, appeal, uniqueness and effectiveness. The competition was judged by Dr. Amrit Ghosh and Y.Aarthy (B.Tech Final Year). The event was coordinated by Shubhanshi Jain (B.Tech, I year) and Suhani Agarwal (B Tech, I year), Harsh Gupta (B.Tech I year) and Bhavik Upadhyay (B.Tech I year). The faculty advisor Dr. Shibani Banerjee appreciated the efforts put in by the students and motivated them to be expressive and participate actively in such literary events.

The winners of the competition were:

  • Uma Suthar and Sakshi K- First
  • Achyut Pancholi and Raj Aryan Soni- Second
  • G Vaibhav Sai and S. Sai Kiran- Third

This event provided a platform to the students to showcase their talent and gave them an opportunity to explore and vent their imaginations. Overwhelming level of enthusiasm, creativity, composition and incredible skills were displayed by the students during the competition.


Elements-The Writers Club Logo Construal Competition