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Research Policy

The research policy shall be the guiding principles to establish a framework for conducting of high quality research at the University. It is applicable to all researchers conducting research under the University, including staff, students and affiliates.

The University has always been promoting research and researchers on priority basis. The Vision, Document, Strategic Plan and Deployment Document of the University also reflects the same.

The present research policy aims to achieve the following objectives:
The promotion of research, quality & integrity of research and research misconduct

All the researchers shall have complete freedom to choose their subject/area of research and to seek financial support from any source for their research work and also publish their findings. However, the research conducted at the University shall be subjected to the scrutiny and constructive criticism of peers.

The University shall create conducive environment for conducting research. The University may provide financial support partially / fully to some research activities based on the merit / importance of the project and availability of funds. The University shall allocate the space and facilities, provide academic leaves and financial support for attending conferences/presenting research results, and other resources for research programmes based on the merits of the research. It shall also provide all the necessary facilities for writing research proposals, reports, publications, patent filing, etc.

The University shall promote research through Minor and Major Projects to be undertaken at the UG level, Post-graduate Research Programmes, PhD Programme, intra and inter departmental collaborative research activities, consultancy services, sponsored research projects from private and public funding agencies, international collaborative research projects etc. The University shall also encourage the researchers to patent their innovations and facilitate any such processes.

The University shall also promote to organize various workshops/ training programme for the benefit of the researchers and encourage to organize national and international level research conferences under the auspices of national/international professional societies.

Research at the University shall conform to the highest standards of integrity. It includes, but is not limited to, conformance to the law of the land, meeting IPR requirements and eschewing plagiarism in all research conducted at the University.

Research techniques used by the researchers shall not violate established professional ethics, pertaining to the health, safety, privacy, and other personal rights of human beings or to the infliction of injury or pain on animals.

All the researchers at the University shall strive to ensure and maintain high standards of competence in their work with limitations of expertise and competence being recognized clearly where relevant. Accordingly, the researchers at the University shall engage themselves in the research activities that they are qualified to take up. The same is also reflected in the code of ethics in research at the University.

The University defines research misconduct, as any fabrication, falsification or plagiarism in proposing, performing or reviewing research or in the reporting of research results. Misconduct in research damages the integrity of the profession and undermines the credibility of researchers. The University shall take seriously all allegations of misconduct and shall ensure adaption of the procedures for the inquiry, investigation and adjudication of any such misconduct case(s).

The Research Board

The University shall constitute a Research Board to implement the research policy. The President of the University is the Chairman of the Board and all the Deans, Registrar and Heads of the Departments shall be the members of the Board. The Dean, Research shall be the convener of the Research Board.

Following are the responsibilities of the Research Board:-

The office of the Dean, Research

The Dean, Research shall be responsible to promote and monitor all the research related activities of the University. He/She shall provide guidance to the researchers in implementing new and innovative ideas, writing of research proposals/scientific papers etc. He /She shall also provide assistance to researchers, to overcome any problem/ difficulty they might face while conducting the research work.

The Research Policy may be revised after a period of three years.

Research Policy