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Institution’s Innovation Council

The Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India has established ‘MoE’s Innovation Cell (MIC)’ to systematically foster the culture of Innovation amongst all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The primary mandate of MIC is to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by supporting them to work with new ideas and transform them into prototypes while they are in formative years.
Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) is a unique concept that brings about a coherent alignment between the various innovation promotion activities and entrepreneurship support programs that an Institution engages in to accomplish effective engagement towards learning, boosting the entrepreneurial streak, and fostering a spirit of being innovative among students and faculty. IIC is a faculty-student-experts council which takes on multiple activities to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship round the year in a synergistic manner.
To streamline and strengthen a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and start-up entrepreneurship at Sir Padampat Singhania University (SPSU) an Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) was established in May 2022.
Through this unique initiative of MoE’s Innovation Cell we aspire to establish a system that will enable our students and faculty members to reach out and gain access to support and mentorship from a diverse pool of resourceful representatives from industry, academia, alumni, etc to promote innovations and start-ups culture at SPSU campus.
With a primary objective to prepare the students with skills like critical thinking, creativity, Innovative thought process and Entrepreneurial mindset, IIC has certain significant focus areas.

Major Focus
Functions of Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC)
Prof. Sadananda Prusty
Council President
Dr. Disha Mathur

Institution’s Innovation Council

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