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Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies

The University has established an Interdisciplinary Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies which provides a platform for faculty members working in various disciplines like mechanical, electrical, chemical, physical and mathematical sciences to integrate their expertise to cater for the energy needs of society focusing on all forms of energy with specific emphasis on the renewable and sustainable energy. The main objective of this Centre is to create comprehensive and innovative solutions in the field of energy sustainability and to address environmental challenges. This can be achieved by promoting the adoption of clean energy and increasing the use of energy-efficient devices. The broad areas of functioning would be energy education, research and development for sustainability and consultancy work.

The identified thrust areas (but not limited to) proposed to be covered under the Centre’s activities are
Centre Co-ordinator
Dr. Ritesh Tirole

Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies

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First year, semester 1 2023 Academic session started on July 24, 2023.