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Dr. Nidhipati Singhania

Message From The Desk of Chairperson

My brother, the Late Shri Yadupati Singhania Ji, the visionary and the founder of Sir Padampat Singhania University (SPSU), since his childhood, had many dreams, and education was one of them. He was a civil engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh and knew how tough it was to get into all the IITs. At that time, most of the IITians after graduation were selected, and they would leave for overseas for greener pastures as those kinds of opportunities were not available here in India. The IITs were and are considered the Ivy League colleges in India. Our family originally hails from Rajasthan, and he always wanted to build and start a world-class Engineering University, where students could get the same education as at IIT. He transformed his dream into reality fourteen years ago. SPSU was established in the year 2007 as a private State University by the act of the Rajasthan state legislature. It would help the literacy and employment rates in the state to go up. J.K. Cement has promoted this University through its Yadupati Singhnania Foundation. The campus is located on one hundred and four acres of land and is not very far either from the airport or Udaipur city. It is a learner-centric education to generate ‘Knowledge’ by empowering engineering and management professionals to the world.
The University has grown from program to program with a portfolio consisting of seven undergraduate engineering and one flagship MBA program. Late Shri Yadupati Ji managed to get an excellent faculty with many world-class educational collaborations for engineering with Chiba University Japan, the University of Nebraska, and Lincoln University from the United States of America. The emphasis on ‘Knowledge’ has moved to Wisdom. The Wisdom of leadership of the University is emphasizing quality training, research, and entrepreneurship in niche areas like Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Mining and Biotechnology, intends to focus on Industry 4.0 with Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Ph.D. programs. Today SPSU is known in all fields for its Ph.D. programs. It is transforming itself to keep up with changing academic times, where ‘Outcome-Based Performance’ is the focus and ‘Active Learning Teaching Methodology’ takes precedence over the conventional classroom practice predominant in India. Technology adaptation to bring in online, hybrid mode of instruction, curriculum design to create a “Choice Based Credit System” for all students. The recently rolled-out New Education Policy by the Government of India envisages a higher graduate enrollment ratio, flexibility in eligibility and progression pathways, banking on credits with the individual pace of studies with scope for breaks from studies incorporated in systems and processes of SPSU.

Essentially, knowledge frees human beings. It is a profound source of power that encourages a candid human interaction and provides people with vigor as well as liberating them from various limitations. The creation and application of new forms of knowledge will no doubt determine the future direction of human society.

We are reinventing ourselves now by accommodating more disciplines in our fold like other universities the world over. It would create more diversity, and flexibility for students to pursue more as minors. We have been encouraging research and have identified five thrust areas on which focus is being done, namely, AI & ML, Environment, Image Processing, and Modern Learning Methods. Our multi-discipline faculties have volunteered to work in these areas. The focus is on projects which can also receive funding from Government and Industry. It is planned that they shall create the “Wisdom” to become the Center of Excellence and Advanced Research Laboratories. The University has good publication records, and for which patents are now also being granted. Keeping in mind the vision of the Late Shri Yadupati Ji, we created an award as the “YP Singhania Human Resources Excellence Award” for the Industry. In the year 2020, an HR round table was organized in which this award was announced along with a Lecture. It was decided that the same will be held every year on 15th September which is Engineers Day. SPSU has an MSME center that supports and encourages entrepreneurship. Here several innovations have been developed and one such is an electrical two-wheeler. We are proud that some of our Alumni have launched some startups. The European Union has also funded the University for a social project for empowering women called “Rainbow”, which is for their skill development that in turn will generate employment. We are also substantially investing in this project. SPSU has industrial collaborations with different companies like BMW, CISCO, Hitachi Rail Systems Japan, Okinawa Japan, and Reliance Jio. The Alumni Association has close to 2000 members; the University is actively pursuing consolidation of these. Their achievements greatly encourage the students and faculty. As my brother Late Shri Yadupati Ji always said that “the aim of education should be to guarantee a lifetime of employability.”

Chairperson Message