Chairperson's Message

Mr. B. K. Goswami


The opportunities of advancement for the youth of today have increased manifold. The advancement in technology has led to death of distance. The latest scientific inventions are available in the remotest parts of the world and information travels faster than aircrafts. A student can access knowledge and wisdom, stored in books and libraries across the world, by the click of a mouse. In order to leverage these advantages and capitalize the opportunities, it is essential that the students have the right orientation and attitude. Mere ambitions or aspirations will not do. Ambition must be backed by hard-work and aspiration must be supported by dedication.

SPSU, with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, contemporary industry relevant curricula and professionally qualified and experienced faculty members, is second to none in the country. We focus on competitive academic inputs and developing open mindedness and critical thinking skills amongst the students. We have a fine blend of academic offerings, in established as well as emerging areas, and a vibrant campus life. I welcome you to SPSU.