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Sports Facilities at SPSU

At SPSU, sports form one of the important aspects of a student’s development. From increasing concentration levels and working as a team to inculcating a winning spirit; sports help students build a strong character and a well-rounded personality.
Through its excellent sports facilities, SPSU offers opportunities to students for regular work-out, lifestyle management and interaction.

Football Ground
A lush green football ground for playing football matches on campus.
Cricket Ground
A cricket pitch curated by the professional curator for playing cricket matches.
Basketball Court
A cemented court with flood lights is made for the students for playing basketball.
Lawn Tennis Court
Adjacent to basketball court there is a lawn tennis court.
Badminton Court
Each hostel on campus has two badminton courts for playing badminton matches.
TT Room
A TT table is available with TT arena for playing TT matches.
Outdoor Games
Outdoor Gymnasium located infront of BH4 and BH5.
Indoor Games
Indoor games like Carrom, Chess etc are also made available in the common rooms of each hostel.
Separate Indoor and Outdoor Games
Separate indoor and outdoor games court/grounds have been provided separately for each boys and girls hostels of the University.

Sports at SPSU

At SPSU, Sports play an important role in student’s development. We believe that sports can raise concentration levels as well as inculcates team spirit in our students. It also helps students build a strong character and a well-rounded personality.
SPSU offers excellent sports facilities and opportunities to students for regular work-outs, lifestyle management and interaction.

SPSU Sports Board:
  1. All extra and co-curricular activities are organized by the respective Clubs at the University.SPSU prides itself in having a student driven culture on campus. Students are exposed to real life experiences when they participate in the University admissions process, design and create our website and manage our Sports Clubs. The Sports board of the University comprises of all the sports clubs of the University.The SPSU sports board consists of the Head coordinator of each club and its faculty coordinator.  
  2. At the beginning of academic year the sports clubs selects core team for the respective club including two faculty representatives from each club. Nominations are invited from the students who are interested and willing to join the club for the club positions. They have to submit their nominations in the application format to the Club Faculty advisor for selection.
  3. Selection is done for the club positions under a set guideline. The student should not have any back papers in the examinations, as well as he/she should not have appeared in disciplinary committee under any indisciplinary act in the University. The student coordinator will be preferably from III year and the Student Advisor will be from the final year.
    1. Student Coordinator
    2. Student Advisor
    3. Event Manager(maximum 3
    4. Organizing Secretary
    5. Treasurer
  4. Registration Process for the Students: A common date is announced every year at the start of the each academic session for the student’s registration process. Student can join as many Clubs of his or her interest. He/She has to fill a common registration form and fee to the respective club.
  5. Intra University Tournaments:
    1. All the Intra University tournaments are conducted as per the University Sports Calendar. The sports club in coordination with sports board organizes different events spanning the entire year.
    2. All the sports activities have to be routed through the sports board. The sports board makes the necessary arrangements for the same.
    3. Requirements for conducting the sports activity is to be submitted well in advance in writing to the sports board.
    4. The sports board distributes only the certificates for the finals of each sports event. The requirements of the certificates (numbers) have to be informed in prior to the sports board.
  6. University team selection. University Teams: There is a selection of University team that is selected on the basis of fair trials on a fixed time notified to all the students in advance, selection criteria includes their performance at National/State level sports events.
    • The University team selection is done by the respective club in coordination with the sports board.
    • University team participations to the other Institutions/Universities is done through the sports board only.
    • The students participating in other institution are given attendance for all the classes during the approved period of participation.
    • The University team of each sports club are given opportunity for participating in other IIT’s,NITs and Central Universities once a year during their regular semester programme.
    • The Team is assisted by the faculty Incharge/Assistant sports during their participation in other academic institutions.
    • All finance matters related to the registration fees, to and fro charges including lodging and boarding and related expenditure is decided by the University management on the recommendation of the Sports Incharge.
    • The University teams selected for participation are issued track suit, T-shirt, sports shoes or any other articles related to sports from the sports board of the University which is to be deposited/returned back to the sports board in good conditions.
  7. Sports Room and Sports Facilities:
    1. There is an Issue Register in the sports board office. The Sports article is to be issued to the student by submitting the I-card along with the indent form kept with the sports office.
    2. The sports equipment’s are issued as per the specified timings:- 

      5.30PM to 6.00PM – Issue time 8.30PM to 9.00PM – Deposit time

    3. Any damage/misplace of the sports good will have to be borne by the student. Only the members of the club can get the concerned sports article/goods from the office of the sports board.
  8. Sports Goods and equipment’s: Almost all the sports equipment’s are kept with the Sports board office, the inventory is made in a separate register. The stock taking of the sports goods is carried after each semester. The used and the damaged sports articles are purchased through the University purchase department after recommendation of the Sports Incharge.