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Library Team

SPSU Library System provides access to books and e-books covering all fields of knowledge, e.g. Engineering, Management, and Science & Humanities, etc.
Reference Books
The University Library System possesses a good number of Reference books for its users, such as dictionaries, yearbooks, directories, encyclopedias, etc. These resources are regularly used by users.
University’s Library System provides online access toa variety of E-resources to its users. Users can access E-resources within and outside the campus as well. Some of the prominent e-resources are;Sage online, and DELNET, NDL etc.
The periodical section of the library subscribesto a good number of journals/magazines and newspapers.
Thesis and Dissertations
Theses and dissertations collection is available in Central Library. There is a separate section for these resources and students refer to them as and when required.
Library also manages the collection of CDs, DVDs, and other external data devices which contain vital information about specific subject fields.


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