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About SPSU

It is nearly half a century since the late Sir Padampat Singhania, the visionary founder of the JK Organization, dreamt of an empowered Indian populace, through whom India would take its place as an equal in the comity of nations. According to him, empowerment presupposes education and knowledge. That became the cornerstone of the organization’s philosophy for discharging its social responsibility and Yadupati Singhnania Foundation was born. Over time, involvement in education became stronger and deeper. Today, two decades later, it is associated with twelve educational institutions imparting education to nearly 14,000 students at various levels of the learning curve. The Yadupati Singhnania Foundation envisioned the establishment of world-class university in Rajasthan benchmarked to international educational institutions. The Foundation constituted a think tank of eminent people from industry, science and technology, and academia who prepared the blueprint of the University. The University is committed to academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, vibrancy, and creativity.
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Preparing future leaders to solve tomorrow’s challenges through immersive, industry-focused transformation learning.


1. Make industry-relevant learning equitably accessible to all our students, thus equipping them to face dynamically shifting industry and world needs and advance throughout their lives.
2. Propel young, inquisitive minds in pursuit of innovation and excellence. Encourage a paradigm of learning, which is cross-disciplinary, broad-based, yet in-depth to generate T-shaped personalities geared for solving real-world problems and advancing the nation and the world.
3. Develop global citizens who are inclusive & ethical, who will curve the arc of innovation with a lens on sustainability and equity enshrined in Millennium SDGs.

Our Legacy - The JK Cement Group

45 Years of Futuristic Education

A JK Cement Initiative

India's Leading Cement Manufacturers
JK Organisation is an over 125 years old business conglomerate with a leading presence in diverse business segments such as cement, tire, paper & pulp, readymade apparel, woollen textiles, sugar, food & dairy products cosmetics etc.
CSR Initiatives

Community Welfare


Environment Preservation


Science and Research



SPSU Advantage

The rich legacy of the JK cement family
The heritage and trust of JK Cement with the legacy of Sir Padampat Singhania, who was a signatory of the Indian constitution and an industry stalwart.
Stellar placement opportunity to kick start a career
Stellar placement with high packages in MNCs Highest package (2022): 13LPA, Average package: 4.3LPA, 49% students with multiple offers.
Specialized courses co-delivered with 15+ industry partners
Specialized courses that provide application-based learning and prepare you for industry; created and delivered with the leading companies.
Financial assistance through scholarships and loans
Generous scholarships to deserving students with a special scholarship to JK relations. Provision for hassle-free SI based long tenured education loan services through Credence.
Academic Excellence
SPSU’s academic model, where ideas are nurtured and dreams take flight; from a flexible choice based credit system (FCBCS) to project-based experiential learning and will get encouragement to explore areas of intellectual challenges that will shape your future.

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