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Prof.(Dr.) Padmakali Banerjee

Message From The Desk of President

It is an honor for me to send this message across to millions of higher education aspirants as Vice- Chancellor of Sir Padampat Singhania University, a place where education is considered the power that strengthens not just individuals but society, nations, and the whole universe.

The world around us is changing at a fast pace and at this very moment, newer innovations, technology transformations, new revelations in various areas and subjects are taking place. Higher education, in the present scenario, has come a long way to include global challenges, environmental sustainability, social responsibility and a culture of universal brotherhood. Research, technology, and innovative practice’s are now an inseparable aspect of education. To keep up with the dynamic environment, students today need to equip themselves with a robust, innovative approach to be able to create, improve, invent and contribute to make a mark in today’s world. The world needs people who are instrumental in bringing about a change instead of those who simply applaud others.

I feel committed to creating a learning environment within the campus where every student aspires to become a change agent, a knowledge seeker, a trailblazer and a pathbreaker. We need young people who are harbingers of progress, values, and reform.

To be able to achieve this vision, we need continual improvement and a commitment to lifelong learning. The sprawling campus of SPSU is the haven that augments and inspires learning. The robust industry backing makes this university a solid platform for those who aspire to become leaders of tomorrow. The City of Lakes, with its rich cultural heritage and awe-inspiring history, provides a natural environment for learning. The highly qualified and motivated faculty here are eager to help, guide and support the students in all their endeavors. We understand that youth today face unprecedented challenges. Mediocrity has no place in the world where boundaries have been erased and global standards are followed in every aspect of life. They need to possess multi skills, myriad talents and the right attitude to achieve success. The university’s curriculum is designed to provide flexibility of choices and holistic learning. The state-of-the art campus is a platform where talents will thrive, confidence will rise and goals will be achieved. A place of learning is like a shrine where the mind is in perfect harmony with peace and happiness. We wish our students to embark on the journey of excellence with us and attain success in every sphere of life. 

President’s Message