Provision of WiFi services in the campus

As per the notification (F. No. 16-5/2017-TEL dated January 15, 2018) from MHRD, Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of India, steps have been initiated to provide Wi-Fi with high speed internet to all students and faculty members of universities, through SWAYAM platform and create a digital campus with Wi-Fi facilities.
In the notification from MHRD, Govt. of India, it was indicated that the educational institutions shall provide the space and the WiFi facilities (optical fibre, access switches, wireless access points and security equipment etc.) will be provided free of cost by the telephone/internet service providers. The Universities will tie up with the telecom players, and partner with them to set up the required infrastructure for the project.
As per the guidelines, minimum of 4 Mbps speed would be provided, and facility to connect two devices should be provided. The network requirements would be such that the students and faculty members would be able to directly connect with National Knowledge Network (NKN) to access any educational content.
All the Universities are advised to request telephone/internet service providers to execute the WiFi facilities in the respective campus. Accordingly the university has requested BSNL to provide the WiFi facilities in the university campus.
The deadline to apply for this is 15th February, 2018. Copy of the letter is enclosed.

Link for the Notification (F. No. 16-5/2017-TEL dated January 15, 2018)