Vice President's Message

Ms. Rinu Ghosh

Vice President

University is the most special time in a student’s life. It is full of fun, temptations, aspirations, hopes and doubts. We, at SPSU, put all our efforts to help students to be ready to embrace success with diligence and determination.

We realized over a period of time that not all can make it in first attempt. Young adults often struggle with emotions and find it difficult to face challenges. Our Mentorship programme helps the students through their transition from teenage to adulthood.
Ours is a residential university and most of our faculty members stay in the campus. Thus, proximity and family like atmosphere gives us an opportunity to bond with the students and give them extra attention. This helps them overcome their apprehensions and struggles.

The SPSU Mentorship programme has continuously evolved to adjust to new situations that have emerged with different group of students, their behavior patterns, family background and past experiences.

A new approach was espoused wherein a student evaluates himself/herself NOT as ‘who I am’ but tries to understand who ‘I AM NOT.’ A careful analysis of this approach revealed plethora of ideas that helped us and students in recognizing their objectives in the right perspective, focus on achievable goals and defining success.

We focus on making this university a place where we enjoy and break a sweat in the process of succeeding in the ways we are fashioned to. I wish all my students, of past and present, to enjoy every day of their life and achieve success in their pursuits.