Vice Chancellor's Message

Welcome to SPSU website. Our website provide a complete look at the University and highlights the components that have contributed towards all round development of the institute. At SPSU, we are creating an academic environment where students, scholars and the faculties can be inspired to excel in their field of study and research. Our learning atmosphere is enriched through the diversity brought to it by the students, faculties and staff from all over the country. Nestled on a 100 acre campus, situated close to the historical city of Udaipur, provide an ideal environment for academic fulfillment and intellectual growth. As we take a look into the future, our younger generations will be spending their lives and careers in a world where national boundaries will be less significant. SPSU is committed to engage and fulfill creative innovations in education and research to meet the requirements of the changing society.

SPSU will persistently cultivate its excellence to emerge as a premier University. The SPSU web is a doorway to our wide range of academic and research activities, and pulsating campus life and community. Through its pages, I am confident that you will get a glance of our exhilarating and enlivening University. Therefore, I encourage you to explore SPSU web and discover more about us. I sincerely hope that your browsing experience will be the first step towards becoming a part of SPSU family. Who knows, your lifetime journey may start here.

Pradip Chandra Deka

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