Lokendra Deora
B. Tech. (2019 Batch)

I graduated from Sir Padampat Singhania University in the year-2019 with CGPA- 8.05 in Mining Engineering . After graduation, I faced a lot of challenges in getting a suitable job. During this phase my mentor helped me a lot to face these challenges and gave me direction. I appreciate his support. I worked hard for getting selected for Rajasthan state Pollution Control Board . Finally, with my hard work and my mentor’s support helped me to get selected for Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board- Jaipur . I give credit to my mentor and Mining Engineering Department for their guidance and mentorship during the time of my stay at University. The Placement Department has helped me to gain practical knowledge through an international internship at JK Cement Prvt. Ltd Fujairah UAE.

Amreen Qureshi
B. Tech. (2007 Batch)

I feel very fortunate to be a part of the very first batch of Sir Padampat Singhania University. It is a residential university and my stay at the campus provided me with an experience which is rare, special and enriching. I am blessed with friends and mentors for life. There is a great focus on quality education, courtesy our management and highly qualified faculty members. The emphasis always was on conceptual clarity and applied knowledge. The faculty members motivated and supported us to achieve higher goals. Our ability to get through higher competitive exams without any external assistance is a testament to the benchmark the faculty members set for us. They not only imparted educational wisdom, but also helped us develop the ability to excel in every challenge and role we take in our lives. As a result of this, I was able to successfully transition my role into a Credit Risk Analyst with HSBC. Currently, I am with JP Morgan and Chase, Mumbai in a similar role.

Aroun Amitabh Dalawat
B. Tech. (2014 Batch)

During my first year, the assistant wardens and the wardens helped me settle in. Had it not been for them, it would have taken me some time adjust since it was the first time I was living away from home. By the time the second year rolled in, the place away from home had already become a home. I had made some friends and had started enjoying the courses like Introduction to computer programming, etc. since I loved computer science. In the coming years I got to learn so many amazing things in computers which helped me develop a better understanding of how computers work. Courses like Operating Systems taught by Harish Tiwari Sir helped me understand how a computer handles every little process, Data Structures and Algorithm Design taught by Amit Jain Sir helped me give more thought on how to use efficient logic to complete a task and this is where I gained interest in Data science. I would also like to lay emphasis on how helpful the teachers were if I had any problem be it academic or personal. I've lost count of the number of times Monika Anand Ma'am made time to hear our problems and then give us sound advice. In all, my experience at SPSU was like a journey of discovering things. I discovered my love for data science, I discovered amazing friends like Pawan Singh and Spurthy and I discovered amazing teachers.

Anukul Anand Srivastava
B. Tech. (2009 Batch)

Being away from family is never easy but the caring nature of all at Sir Padampat Singhania University, especially Vice-President Ma’am and the faculty members made the stay there very comfortable and home-like. Those four years not just gave me technical knowledge but also helped me morph into a confident and strong person to face the challenges of life. I rely on my teachers, even today, in times of need. Thank you SPSU!

Bhakti Sargia
B. Tech. (2009 Batch)

SPSU is a home away from home! Gordon said “you can’t build a great building on a weak foundation; you must have a solid foundation if you are going to have a strong superstructure.” Similarly, education is the foundation for one’s future and dreams and this is what I received from Sir Padampat Singhania University. The faculty members have rendered quality education. Four years at SPSU helped me to realize my real potential and boost my self-confidence. This strong base helped me pass GATE in flying colours. My stay at DTU IIT for my master’s degree programme was easy because of the knowledge, skills and attitude shaped by SPSU. I thank Sir Padampat Singhania University for providing me the wings to fly high.

Bithika Dutta
B. Tech. (2011 Batch)

College life is that one phase of life where we grasp the most for our career, our growth and our well-being. Sir Padampat Singhania University gave me the opportunity to challenge myself, shed my inhibitions and in turn, I was able to focus myself towards positive outcomes. Not only did the professors give me all the guidance possible but personally helped me a lot to take strong decisions for my future. The hostel life and rigorous schedule at the university prepared me to face the difficult situations in the corporate sector. I would like to thank everyone at my university for shaping my personality. It is rightly said "You will miss your college life once you are out of it." I wish the best to the new batches! Keep Learning, Keep Growing!

Garima Shrivastava
B. Tech. (2007 Batch)

Home away from home - that’s what I say for Sir Padampat Singhania University! From the initial homesickness to overcoming the difficulties, the journey of 4 years at SPSU was very special. I am highly obliged to Professor Dr. P.C. Deka and Dr. G.P. Purohit who always guided me and showed me the right path. I am working as a Project Manager with a market research firm and am responsible for producing technical conferences. I can still relate to those classroom lectures and this has helped me immensely in my professional life. The whole credit goes to my diligent and dedicated Biotech faculty. Thanks for giving me the best of friends and memories which I will cherish forever!

Harraj Singh Sandhu
B. Tech. (2013 Batch)

Being associated with SPSU is a matter of pride for me. The strength of our university is our qualified and experienced faculty who is always ready to help in both, academic and non- academic matters. One can talk to or seek guidance from any faculty irrespective of the school you belong to and any time. Technical trainings, projects and workshops organised at the university helped us be abreast with the latest in our chosen field of study. Being a member of the core team of Panache and Project Endeavour I got a chance to meet and interact with several dignitaries and people from academia and industry. It widened my canvas of experience as I learned to manage resources, people and crisis. I am thankful to our President Sir and Vice President Ma'am for their constant support and mentorship.

Ishita Upadhyay
B. Tech. (2011 Batch)

I am extremely honoured to be a part of Sir Padampat Singhania University. The University has been consistent in maintaining excellence in the academic standards since its inception. Learning is an enjoyable experience here with experienced faculty, inspiring library, state-of-the-art laboratories and a beautiful environment. Ample opportunities are available to the students to express their creative urge through literary, social and cultural activities. Different Student Clubs brings to you an amalgamation of energy and grace, constantly pushing the bar up with every performance. I have enjoyed every bit of my university days here. It was a life changing experience. It is a University with a difference. It is here that I learned think critically, organize my student life, build my confidence and prepare for the path of my choice. It helped me equip myself with the knowledge and skills to succeed in a competitive global market.

Kuldeep Singh Rajpurohit
B. Tech.(2012 Batch)

Whenever I come across the name SPSU, a smile of satisfaction comes on my face. From the campus to the faculty members to friends to staff, they were the best. This jannat has helped me be what i am today. It has in such a competitive environment. The efforts made by our faculty It is a platform where you not only gain academic knowledge but it also gives sufficient time to explore yourself through sports, clubs, activities, NSS, cultural fest, etc. "SPSU jannat tha, jannat hai aur jannat rahega"

Neha Pandiya
B. Tech. (2012 Batch)

My stay at SPSU is a memorable one and full of joy and learning. SPSU is a home away from home. I was a bit nervous when i first joined SPSU though my elder brother was pursuing his B.Tech from here only. Seniors were very helpful and guided us at every step. The faculty members of SPSU are experts in their domains, very dedicated and always encouraging the students to give their best. The projects and extracurricular activities I participated in helped me immensely in the corporate world. I am working as Associate System Engineer with IBM, Pune.

Nikhil Jangir
B. Tech. (2008 Batch)

An individual's social and intellectual stimulation begins from college. Today when I look back at the four years I spent at Sir Padampat Singhania University I feel that those four years played a great role in shaping my personality. It's not only the grades and knowledge but the all-round development and discipline which makes you a better individual. The students of this university are blessed to be guided by the most committed and knowledgeable faculty members backed with good infrastructure and facilities. I am an Assistant Commandant, Indian Coast Guard.

Nirmal Singh
B. Tech. (2008 Batch)

Fine-tuned curriculum and constructive academic freedom gave me the space for being dexterous and exploring the world on my own. This outward learning experience has given me an extra dimension helping me build a successful career. This added dimension is unique and has carved a niche for all the students of SPSU. The student centric culture at SPSU helped me develop my personality and soft skills. This combined with the domain skills paved the way for me being an independent, confident and competent individual.

Nitya Tondon
Integrated BBM-MBA (2012 Batch)

College is not a preparation for life, college is life itself! I really wanted the time to stop so that I could live there for some more days. The teachers, laboratories, library, facilities, infrastructure, everything at Sir Padampat Singhania University was good. And now when I think of the opportunities the college gave me I feel proud to be a part of SPSU. I was selected for an International Exchange Programme at Chiba University of Commerce, Japan. This exposure gave me the opportunity to develop cultural sensitivity. The best thing about SPSU is its faculty members. They are highly supportive, friendly and experts in their domain areas. The quality of food in the mess was very good. It was a home away from home. I will always cherish the memories of SPSU. Currently, I am working as a Manager, LBS Group of Educational Institution, Kota. I thank SPSU for giving me the best days of my life.

Prabhasini Mathur
B. Tech. (2011 Batch)

Life is a journey and it is made beautiful by the people we meet, places we go and decisions we make. SPSU was one such beautiful part of my life which gave me not just an important degree but also opportunities to explore myself, friends and mentors for life. From the day I joined SPSU as a student to leaving as an IT professional working at IBM there are lots of things I experienced and learned here which will always help me in this journey of life. The student exchange programme is one of the many opportunities to explore your future options. International exposure not only helped me in gaining advanced technical knowledge but also gave me an opportunity to experience different cultures, languages and lifestyles. Education and time are key strokes in anyone’s life; make sure you hit it right at the right place. Thankfully, for me it happened the right way with SPSU.

Pratibha Singh
B. Tech.(2007 Batch)

When I got admission in B.Tech Biotechnology at Sir Padampat Singhania University I had no clue of the university and the life there as mine was the first batch of the university. I was very apprehensive initially but my fears were unfounded and SPSU became my second home. The faculty members of my department are experts in their respective fields and gave us excellent technical knowledge. This, coupled with the excellent laboratory infrastructure ensured that we got the best and latest technical knowledge. What sets Sir Padampat Singhania University apart is the emotional bond which the faculty shares with the students. By God's grace and the technical knowledge gained during my B.Tech I am a Junior Environmental Engineer, Rajasthan Pollution Control Board, Jaipur.

Rahul Kumawat
B. Tech. (2008 Batch)

I was always fascinated by buildings, 3 M’s (Man, Material and Machinery) and how they work in coordination. I pursued B.Tech in Civil Engineering. My four years at SPSU was a life enriching experience. The relationship between faculty members and students at SPSU is very cordial. This bond plays a vital role in a student’s life and helps him excel in his area of study. SPSU offers an excellent balance between studies, sports and social activities.  My stay at SPSU helped me take that extra step to excellence at the work place. It also helped me develop interpersonal skills and be confident to get work assignments in the world of Real Estate and Infrastructure companies. My best wishes to the current and future students of SPSU.

Ramesh Bishnoi
B. Tech. (2008 Batch)

The four years I spent at SPSU played a great role in shaping my personality. The disciplined life and conceptual and technical knowledge imparted by some of the great faculty members like Prof. Pradip Deka Sir, Dr. Ghanshaym Purohit Sir and Dr. Pallavi Dwivedi Ma'am made me what I am today. SPSU has state-of-the-art laboratories, especially Biotechnology, and very good infrastructure. I am presently working as Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer, Kerala Cadre. I owe my success to SPSU.

Reema Khathuria
B. Tech. (2008 Batch)

Becoming a renowned engineer and be able to make a difference in the lives of people was the dream that I joined Sir Padampat Singhania University with. From bunking classes to passing out with flying colours, from learning about real time projects to having that job in my dream company today… be it knowing different computer languages or juggling with the breadboard and microprocessors, be it last moment assignments or late night group studies, be it those lab sessions or guest lectures, stage shows or sports... I learnt it all! I grew! And all this happened mostly because of the teacher- student mentoring and relationships! Four years of engineering at SPSU taught me perseverance, being independent, having the courage to think out of the box and a lot more than what a 20's something must learn while he/she graduates. This helped me excel at my work with Oracle, Pune. Engineering isn't just one of my qualifications, it is a feeling! I am a proud CS engineer from SPSU.

Ronak Maniar
B. Tech. (2008 Batch)

Sir Padampat Singhania University made me independent in terms of acquiring knowledge and developing skills. My professors nurtured my skills to compete the real world. I am thankful to SPSU for providing me such a great platform. I am working as Engineer, Qualcomm Inc, United States.

Suarabh Sukhadia
B. Tech. (2007 Batch)

When i was young I had a dream that one day I will become an engineer. And it was with this dream that I came to Sir Padampat Singhania University. When I first saw the campus with its alluring infrastructure, clean environment and lavish hostels I fell in love with this place. And the university lived up to my expectations. The four years at SPSU was a blend of education, skills, emotions, appreciation, friendship, love and lot of unsaid yet meaningful things. Some of my most cherished memories are of the time I spent here. The faculty members at SPSU are very dedicated and experts in their fields. My stay here not only developed my confidence but also taught me various real life lessons that are helping me day in and day out today. I am working as an officer in State Bank of India. I thank my Alma mater for nurturing talent.

Sidharth Lal
B. Tech. (2007 Batch)

Beginnings are always special! And I was fortunate to share it with Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur. As a part of the Class of Electronics and Communication, I got to learn from extremely dedicated and qualified academicians. Along with the curriculum, I had an opportunity to be associated with various activity clubs and start one of my own. The four years that I spent in the campus of SPSU not only helped me hone my skills as an engineer but also develop people skills. The vocational trainings and workshops aimed at employability gave me an edge in the fairly competitive market. It was an amazing journey. Today, thanks to my Alma mater, I am working in semiconductor domain with IBM.

SP Manish Bhalla
B. Tech. (2007 Batch)

It is rightly said that risk is big in the beginning but then so is the return. This is how my journey started with Sir Padampat Singhania University. We grew together and shared ups and downs. I was a part of the class of Information Technology. My stay in the campus and involvement in the curricular and extracurricular activities helped me hone my skills and groom my personality. My professors were very dedicated, learned and experienced. I owe my learning and growth to them. I am presently working as Regional Head (West), IIHT.

Sidharth Patnaik
B. Tech. (2011 Batch)

I would like to thank Sir Padampat Singhania University for giving me immense opportunities to shape my talent. Diligent and sincere efforts made by the faculty members and the management have had a very positive impact on the students. The environment that SPSU offers to its students makes it easy for the students to make the transition from a novice student to a conscientious and dedicated professional.