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Ph.D In Physics

The Department of Physics offers various fundamental physics courses covering the concepts of applied physics, electromagnetism, modern physics, solid-state physics etc. and specialized courses on atomic and molecular Physics nanotechnology, nanomaterials, nonlinear dynamics, and chaos theory to the undergraduate students of engineering discipline. The Department’s laboratory is well-equipped to enhance the fundamental concepts and measurement skills of our graduating engineers. The department also offers a PhD programme. The Department of Physics has achieved the following notable accomplishments:
  1. Computational & Interdisciplinary Physics Research Lab (developed through DST, Govt of India Projects)
  2. Three SERB, DST Projects (Two Young Scientist and one MATRICS Grants) to faculty members
  3. Our PG students did summer training in IUAC, New Delhi and IPR Gandhinagar (with a full stipend)
  4. Our PhD Scholars Received DST International Travel Grants
  5. 10th DST Expert Panel Meeting & Group Monitoring Workshop for the DST FAST TRACK PROJECTS
  6. Two major specializations:  Theoretical & Computational Atomic and Molecular Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos Theory and their applications in secure communications /cryptography/image encryption/pseudorandom number generation got the international recognition
  7. One JSPS Long Term Invitational Fellowship FY2017 by the Japanese Society for Promotion of Science and visited the National Institute of Fusion Science, Toki, Japan
  8. One American Physical Society’s Indo- U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) IUSSTF Professorship Award in Physics
  9. Visiting Professorships at – Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan & Academy of Mathematics and System Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, CHINA
  10. Faculty Members are Reviewers of more than 45 SCI journals
  11. Faculty Members are Editorial Board Members three leading of SCI/SCOPUS indexed journals published by Frontiers, Bentham and DergiPark
  13. More than 45 travel grants awarded by DST, CSIR, CCSTDS, INSA, NBHM, and institutes/universities abroad like Cambridge Univ, Harvard, MIT and International Unions/Councils like (IMU, ICIAM, ICPEAC, Gordon Research, Nature Group, Max Planck) etc
  14. Faculty members have been elected fellows of IETE of India, Executive Leadership Academy (ELA), UC Berkley and Senior Membership of IEEE and affiliated societies.
Thrust areas of research:
  • Theoretical studies of electron/positron impact ionization of atoms/ions/molecules,
  • Dynamical behaviour of ubiquitous nonlinear oscillators under nonlinear damping, q-deformed nonlinear systems, robust chaos in dynamical system,
  • Cryptography/steganography using chaotic dynamical systems and quasigroups,
  • Synthesis and characterization of nano-materials,
  • Image encryption using fractional integral transforms and robust chaos,



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Ph.D In Physics


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Dr. Prithvi Singh

HoD Message
The department not only offers students the opportunity to deal with basic physics, but also promotes applied and interdisciplinary research. The department’s research makes a strong contribution across disciplines, including atomic and molecular physics, nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory, and multidisciplinary physics related to emerging technologies. With the support of Department of Science and Technology (DST) grants, a Computational Physics Research Center established on our campus to promote cutting-edge research in both fundamental and advanced engineering fields related to physics.

Dear research enthusiasts, please visit the research activities on our website, the profiles of each faculty. This will help you to find the most suitable opportunities for your future career. Being with us offers you equipped laboratories, libraries, games and living facilities. You will have the opportunity to conduct research, publish work in prestigious journals and attend international conferences to present research results. Various government agencies fund our research programs.

Dear prospective colleagues, We are a rapidly growing department in an institution that aggressively promotes excellence in teaching and research and achieves self-reliance in technology. Every faculty among us is endowed with top-class academics and well-versed research experience worldwide. Department faculty members frequently visit the most pioneering research institutes such as MIT, USA, Harvard USA, Max Plank Institute Germany, UC Berkley TIFR, Mumbai etc. If you are interested in joining us, please apply through our year-round application portal or write to us and we will help you with the procedures.

Why Ph.D In Physics From SPSU

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Ph.D In Physics Eligibility
Criteria & Selection Process

Eligibility & Fee​

Ph.D In Physics
Passed or appeared for final year examination master’s degree in the relevant field of Engineering and Technology from University recognised by UGC, with at least 55% marks (at least 40% marks in case of candidates of Backward class categories and persons with disability)
Total Fee


Ph.D In Physics

Selection will be based on merit of
Candidate must have qualified UGC NET or SPSU Selection Test (NET qualified candidates will be exempted from SPSU Selection Test)

Merit Based Scholarship UG Programs
=98% in Xth & Xllth
100% Scholarship
>=95% & <98% in Xth & Xllth
75% Scholarship
>=90% & <95% in Xth & Xllth
65% Scholarship
>=80% & <90% in Xth & Xllth
55% Scholarship
>=70% & <80% in Xth & Xllth
45% Scholarship
>=60% & <70% in Xth & Xllth
35% Scholarship
>=50% & <60% in Xth & Xllth
25% Scholarship

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Engineering Program

Merit Based Scholarship PG Programs
=98% in in Xllth & Graduation
100% Scholarship
>=95% & <98% in Xllth & Graduation
75% Scholarship
>=90% & <95% in Xllth & Graduation
65% Scholarship
>=80% & <90% in Xllth & Graduation
55% Scholarship
>=70% & <80% in Xllth & Graduation
45% Scholarship
>=60% & <70% in Xllth & Graduation
35% Scholarship
>=50% & <60% in Xllth & Graduation
25% Scholarship

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