Scholarship for Farmer's Children

Special Scholarship for the ward of Farmers of Rajasthan

(Kisan Putra Putri Siksha Yojna)

Up to 50% Scholarship to the ward of Farmers*.

*Terms and Conditions: -
  • 1. Candidate must have minimum 50% marks in last qualification.
  • 2.Candidate needs to have one recommendation letter from his/her Gram Pradhan on his letter head along with his stamp and signature, testifying that you are the ward of farmer and the resident of this village. Based on the recommendation letter, University authority will decided the scholarship.
  • 3.This scholarship is throughout the course subject to have minimum 6 CGPA in subsequent years of the program.
  • 4.This scholarship does not apply for Ph.D. courses.
  • 5.Student and his/her parent also need to submit the copy of Aadhar Card along with any proof which testifies that the parent is farmer.
  • 6.Gram Pradhan can not write or recommend any amount or Percentage of scholarship. They can issue only recommendation letter.
  • 7.This scholarship is not applicable on Hostel fee.
  • 8.If a student gets a backlog in any semester or if he/she is terminated due to wrong practices or he/she comes under any disciplinary action, then scholarship will be stopped with immediate effect.   (Our other academic scholarships are also applicable for all years of the program with a minimum 6.5 CGPA). This should also be noted that if the student scores less than 6.5 CGPA and greater than 6 CGPA he/she will be eligible for KPPY concession only. Academic scholarship will be stopped for subsequent years.
  • 9.This scholarship is apart from Merit scholarship.