President & Trustee's Message

Mr. Ashok Ghosh

President & Trustee

Welcome to SPSU. Our students, faculty, alumni, administrators and staff stand out. They are committed to academic excellence, entrepreneurship, diversity, vibrancy and creativity. We have, so far stood apart from several worrying trends adopted by the academia today. We have remained successful despite our principled approach. This is a testament to the inherent strengths and in some instances actions that the SPSU family-students, faculty, administrators and now our alumni have taken together.

Our university benefits from not only the region we are situated in, but also from every individual present here from across the country representing their outlook and point of view.
SPSU espouses an interconnected perspective that is so necessary in our modern world. To accentuate this perspective we have ongoing, well-established collaborations with USA, Japan, Czech Republic, Austria and UK.
We work very hard to be an open and welcoming university with clear and transparent policies. We stand by our commitment to our principles of being proactive and ensure academic integrity and honesty. We invite you to participate in the endless opportunities at SPSU by joining our group of talented scholars, artists, performers and creators. We welcome you to our fun loving and close knit campus life and are confident that you will enjoy studying in a place where every one belongs.