President's Message

Prof. Pradip Chandra Deka


Times are changing with the ever increasing introduction of modern technologies to address the complexities of modern life, interweaving of economics, large scale movement of human resources across continents and associated expectation/ aspirations of the people. The University systems have an important role to play to address the complexities evolved due to the above scenario. We, at Sir Padampat Singhania University (SPSU), understand our responsibilities and are taking steps to address various challenges posed before us.

Today, technical graduates have multiple career pathways to choose from and infinite information about them at their fingertips. New types of economic activities are arising every day and they are creating new opportunities which till a couple of years ago were unheard of. New technologies are going to revolutionize the technical education. Collectively this cyber-physical phenomenon is being termed as Industry 4.0 i.e. the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The question is how do our youngsters access these new opportunities? Very often our youth are found unemployable by industry due to lack of suitable skills. We are now living in an age where employers are looking for hands on competences rather than just academic knowledge. Educational institutes have to align themselves to this thought process and expose their students to the new world of skills to make them job-ready and employable.

This is a major challenge. Simultaneously, a new phenomenon is revolutionizing the Indian economic scenario. India has traditionally been one of the most suppressed societies in terms of entrepreneurship. World over, progress is driven by innovation and challenges. In India the structure of society and the fear of failure had inhibited the spirit of entrepreneurship. All this is now changing fast. Today, India has produced outstanding achievers. What is significant is the fact that the youth of today is treading into areas that they were afraid of entering earlier. They are not only ambitious, but also innovative and ready to take risks. Every big problem is an opportunity and every opportunity has seeds of business inherent in it. We need to encourage the students to identify problems and come up with commercially viable solutions. To meet these challenges, we at SPSU have initiated several innovative steps to connect youth to jobs and create a job-ready generation. These include offering industry relevant courses, validation of the syllabus by the relevant industry professionals, regular interaction between industry and academic experts, extensive training of the students in the relevant industry, solving industry relevant problems by the students, organizing special lectures by the professionals from industry, encouraging students to conduct interdisciplinary research projects, providing opportunities to convert students projects to commercial ventures, encouraging students to participate in national and international technical competitions/ seminars/ symposiums. We believe that we shall be able to meet the expectations of the industry and the society in a more meaningful way. The website provides all the information related to the academic programmes offered by the University and glimpses of all the other activities being pursued within the campus. I strongly believe that the content in our website shall be able to motivate you to choose SPSU to enhance your career path.