Dr. Mike Guerra and Mr. Uday Kumar Ghosh from Lincoln University, USA delivered a lecture and discussed the SPSU Lincoln University Collaboration. | August 05, 2019

On August 5, 2019 Dr. Mike Guerra, Senior Professor, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, Lincoln University and Mr. Uday Kumar Ghosh, Advisor to President, Lincoln University, Oakland, California addressed the students of School of Management and School of Engineering of SPSU about SPSU-Lincoln University Collaboration and Admission to Lincoln University, USA. Mr. Ghosh also delivered a lecture on the Transient Advantage Economy and Entrepreneurship. He stressed upon the importance of innovations, entrepreneurship and leadership skills in a transient economy. Through practical and relevant examples from Google, Apple and other leading companies he brought home the need to stay ahead, start new strategic initiatives, building and exploiting many transient competitive advantages. The students participated actively in the session and their queries about the SPSU-Lincoln collaboration were well answered by the delegates.

AAGAAZ 2019’ organized successfully by the Spotlight Club of SPSU | August 1, 2019

The Spotlight Club of SIR PADAMPAT SINGHANIA UNIVERSITY, Udaipur organized ‘AAGAAZ 2019’ on July 30, 2019. The event showcased a variety of activities like singing, dancing, open-mic, etc. The evening resonated with melodious songs, vivacious dances and electrifying performances. The students showcased a sense of pride, self-esteem, confidence in their presentations and enthralled everyone.

SPSU joins to make “Deep learning and AI skills” mainstream in India | July 31, 2019

To fulfill trilateral needs of entrepreneurship, Industry-academia partnership and application inspired Engineering, SPSU along with UK Partner: University College, London: Brunel University, London, Industry Partner: NVIDIA, AWS Educate Amazon, Edvantics, Videoken organized a workshop on "Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering and Management" (July 26-27th, 2019) to achieve this objective. SPSU faculty got trained on futuristic technologies by Dr. Vipul Mishra & Mr. Tejpal Choudhary from Bennett University, which in turn will help them train students and other faculty members with student projects, publications, and curriculum enhancement. As there are Industry partners also in this project, so it will help us in connecting with the industry and start-ups to get ourselves involved in some real projects.

9th International Summer Exchange Programme at Chiba University of Commerce, Japan | July 06, 2019

SIR PADAMPAT SINGHANIA UNIVERSITY, UDAIPUR announces 9th International Summer Exchange Programme (8th- 22nd July 2019) at Chiba University of Commerce, Japan. 20 Universities across the globe shall be participating in the programme. From India, SPSU is the only one to participate in this International Summer Exchange Programme.

The International Student Exchange Programme aims at improving language skills, boost confidence and develop a global perspective on various worldly matters. Besides the academic pursuit, the students will also visit industries like Haneda Chronogate, Yamato Transport Co. Ltd, JFE Steel Corporation. They will be exposed to Japanese cultural practices and visit Life Safety Learning Center, Sumida Hokusai Museum and I Square.

The SPSU students Srishti Parashar, Divya Mulchandani, Himadri Sharma, Vinita Gupta, and Rajveer Singh along with a Faculty Chaperone Dr. Manish Dadhich will participate in the programme.

International Yoga Day Celebration at SIR PADAMPAT SINGHANIA UNIVERSITY, Udaipur, Rajasthan | June 21, 2019

The International Day of Yoga was celebrated at SIR PADAMPAT SINGHANIA UNIVERSITY, Udaipur. The International Day of Yoga is celebrated every year on June 21 to raise global awareness about the benefits of the ancient Indian practice. Professor Sushil J Lalwani, Dean, School of Management, highlighted the importance of Yoga and stressed on regular practice of yoga to achieve a better life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

A hands-on yoga session was taken by Yog Guru Mr. Dipesh Vats and team. He explained the significance of each asana its effect on mind, body and soul. The SPSU family participated enthusiastically in the session.