CONCERN - A Mentorship Cell

Concern, the student representative cell was formed with a vision to provide a warm and friendly environment to students. Within the first semester of its functioning, Concern has greatly accomplished this task. A core team of few students with support of 100 students have put their efforts in this direction. The Concern cell also undertakes the following activities:


The students from Concern cell mentor the fresher in every possible sphere, academics, health, non- academic and acclimatising to the University environment etc. Hence a bond is formed with seniors and juniors which make everyone feel at home. This committee also keeps the medical records of students and participates in all the major University promoted activities in welfare of the students throughout the year. The composition of the student committee is selected annually among the students enrolled in the University.

Anti-Ragging Committee:

To curb the menace of ragging, a team of 16 students, 08 faculty members, 02 members from non- teaching staff, 2 parents and 2 first year students is formed every year. With the successful efforts of this team, SPSU proudly claims to provide a ragging free environment to the students.

Mess Committee:

SPSU has always encouraged student’s participation in University’s activities. Another step in this direction is the formation of mess committee. As the university provides food in two mess, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The mess committees help in deciding the menu for respective mess, with consent of all the students, with a view to provide food which is tasty and healthy. The non-vegetarian mess has also recently started night canteen, which provides snacks at the doorstep of hostels during late hours.

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