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    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA degree programme is contemporary. It is based on Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) & is in keeping with the needs of the industry. The teaching pedagogy comprises of a comprehensive student-centric learning approach. It consists of several stages of instruction & evaluation designed to add significant value to the understanding of the learner in an integrated manner. Course delivery comprises of classroom instruction, case-studies, live projects & seminars. The programme offers an opportunity to pursue dual specialisation in functional areas of management so as to increase the employability & entrepreneurship abilities of the learners. Special emphasis is given on international exposure, soft skills & personality development. Students pursuing this programme also get a chance to undergo an immersion programme at Chiba University of Commerce, Tokyo, Japa.n

Specializations: Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, Operations Research & International Business.

Global Certification Course From Lincoln University For MBA Students

SPSU has received a proposal from Lincoln University, Oakland, California offering online certificate courses for the management students. This program (5/6 months duration) once in a week, shall be taught 'online live' by Lincoln Professors, 3 hours duration, total 42 hours of teaching followed by a test and once successfully completed, the participants will receive a Graduate Certificate from Lincoln University. This program will add value to all the students looking for a placement as this course shall have a great learning outcome and also this can be taken by students in all disciplines as every individual has to market themselves in the tough market job environment. A short profile of the courses is given below:


1. Managerial Marketing

Roles of Marketing managers, product managers, sales managers; clarifying of all pertinent terms and concepts; identification of target markets, competitors’ capabilities, relevant market strategies; the product life-cycle; setting bases for optional marketing mixes.

2. Market Research: (Pricing and Negotiation)

This course is designed to provide the concepts and techniques for assessing and formulating pricing strategies before and during negotiations. Topics include: utility theory, market structures, sales promotion and price discrimination, international pricing, and auction designs. Analysis of customer responses as first negotiation and emphasis on various strategies used in negotiating, for both individuals and leaders.

3. Sales Management

Role of a sales manager; styles of managing; selecting sales managers; the spectrum of sales creativity; the use of the interrogative. The impact of advertising; forms of advertising and sales promotions; advertising as first offer; providing incentives for positive responses.

4. Consumer Behavior

Buying as a problem-solving set of acts, its social dimensions, the effect on self-image; the determining effects of culture, subculture, social and other reference groups; market research approaches; the buying process; the adoption process; the diffusion of innovation; the contrast in industrial buying behavior.

5. Digital Marketing

The course provides understanding of e-commerce and its impact on firms, industries and markets. Web has a large impact on how we shop, read, conduct business, learn, and consume information like music, art, and others. Described are the e-commerce industry, market, strategies, and technologies. Discussed are the resulting changes in organizational structure and societal behavior. Focused on important concepts and best practices in the use of digital marketing tools and techniques relevant to a business. Introduces various online marketing channels including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), mobile marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing

  • Programme duration
    Two Years
  • To equip students with necessary working skills in various functional areas of management so as to prepare them for a successful career in their chosen area of management
  • To develop in-depth understanding of topics related to business, various sectors of Indian economy & international business environment
  • Graduation in any discipline (Preferably above 60%)
  • Admission to all SPSU Programmes will be through the Admission Test - SPSAT
  • Course Duration: Two Years
  • Residential: Optional
MBA degree programme offers a hands-on and focused course of study conducive to running or managing a business. Subjects offered are relevant to global and domestic business which equip students to cope with challenges of modern business. Syllabus is revised from time to time to incorporate subjects essential for managing business.
The faculty members of School of Management are highly qualified and have wide experience. They have international exposure to contemporary management issues on teaching through case studies, group discussions etc. Almost all faculty members have been undergone academic exchange programme abroad that provides global exposure and multicultural experience, which enables them to teach and guide the students efficiently.
The School of Management offers specialization in Finance, Marketing, HR and IT. The department also provides internship in the respective disciplines.
MBA programme will help to increase business capabilities. With MBA, students can pursue careers in Finance, Marketing or HR in various industries, Banks, Financial Institutions, Academic Institutions etc.