Rail Transportation Engineering in Collaboration with Hitachi Ltd. , Japan

The Rail Transportation Engineering Programme offers training in business fundamentals to enable the student to see how railroads connect with society at large and how and why railroads are useful. The student will take courses in the history and regulatory structure of railroads, accounting, and project management. Woven into these courses will be units on Labour Relations, the relationship between railroads and the federal, state, and local governments and an introduction to the real estate issues affecting railroads. Students with good academic credentials and an interest in the resurgent railroad field, join us to obtain your four-year degree in Rail Transportation Engineering.

Rail Transportation Engineering Bachelor’s degree programme will follow a curriculum based upon Civil Engineering, but with added courses related specifically to transportation and rail. At the same time, students will be learning how to use the advanced mathematical tools expected of all engineers, and they will experience the full range of basic engineering courses. Topics include materials science, statics, dynamics, structures, and an array of offerings designed to teach how and why things work.

To make the programme industry relevant, SPSU has signed a Memorandum of understanding with HITACHI RAIL SYSTEM LTD. JAPAN, Selected students from SPSU will spend eight weeks in Hitachi Ltd in Japan, on an paid internship program.

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