Project Endeavour

We at SPSU are continuously looking at innovative ways to deliver knowledge to our students, make learning and delivery mechanism innovative, interesting, and truly “out of box” teaching-learning process.
The Saturdays timetable are planned in a way that will help both the teacher and the taught to develop a concept which will require an in depth attempt to learn, articulate, bond together, initiate discussion, foster research, analyze, and above all, motivate the students to express their ideas openly.
The SPSU Faculty and the group students, who mutually agree to work together, select a contemporary topic, which is preferably industry relevant to associate a company or professional who can provide application-oriented perspective. The topic selected by the group is then thoroughly discussed, debated and developed into the following:

  • Project Endeavor format
  • For Submission to DST
  • For SPSU GOI incubation project (If the project can be incubated)
There is no restriction on the choice of the subject for the project. It could be a single subject or may be a combination of several subjects. The topic chosen may be from wide range of subjects. For example: – Biodiversity, Social subjects, Media and advertisement, Environment, Scientific, Technical, Management, Architecture, Tourism or any other subject or their combination.

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