SPSU Clubs

SPSU students run several sports and other activity clubs in order to organize various on-campus co & extra-curricular activities. These clubs are run and maintained by the SPSU students with a supervising faculty mentor

Bracing Club (Kho-Kho)

Sports Bracing

This is the Kho-Kho Club of the University. It was started in the year 2012-13 with tremendous respond from the student fraternity. It has the largest number of students registered with this club and has successfully organized several matches during the past 3 years in the University.

Target Club (Badminton Club)

Sports Target

Target is the badminton Club of the University. This Club organizes intra University badminton tournament in three categories namely Boys Singles, Girls Singles and Mixed Doubles in every academic session with several enthusiastic participants. The target club players also represented the University in various sports festivals which includes events at IIT Jodhpur, DAIICT Gujarat etc.


Sports Cluster

It is the volleyball Club of the University. The volleyball team of the University has represented at several other state and national level Universities of the country including BITS Pilani, DAIICT Gujarat etc.

Atom(Table Tennis)

The table tennis matches are organized by the atom club of SPSU. The members of atom club participated in various University level tournaments as well as the tournaments of other institutes. The University Table Tennis Men Team Secured silver medal in the All India Inter Engineering Sports Tournament conducted by S.V. National Institute of Technology, Surat (Gujarat).


Sports Motion

Motion- the cricket club was started in 2008 with huge response from the students. This club has the largest number of members. The MPL (Motion Premier League) is organized by the club every year in the University. The students play day and night matches in the University.


Sports Energy

This is the football club of the University. The football team of the University has represented at various sports meet held in Central and State Universities. This Club organizes inter and intra college football tournaments every year.


Sports Power

“Power-The Kabbadi Club” was formed in the session 2011-2012 along with various other clubs of the University. This club also organized in-house kabbadi events in the University.

Grand Master club(carom and chess)

Sports Grandmaster
The Grandmasters club is the Chess and Carrom Club. The club organizes intra-University tournament every year.

Arena(gamers club)

Sports Arena

This club is related with computer gaming. This club also organizes various gaming events round the year in the University.

Track and Field(Atheletics)

Sports Track

This is a sport comprising various competitive athletic contests based on running, jumping, and throwing. This club has been formed with the aim of providing an opportunity to stimulate a lasting attitude of sportsmanship especially in athletics.

Snatchers (Basketball)

Sports Snatchers

The Snatchers club is the basketball club of SPSU. The Snatchers club held its annual tournament every academic session in the University. Prize distribution ceremony is also organized by the club.

Elements (Writer’s Club)

Literary Element

The activities of the Writer’s club promote reading, writing and healthy discussions amongst the student fraternity. During past session the club has organized various events in the University. This Club also organizes debate competition for the students in the University.

Magnitude (Theater Club)

Cultural Magnitude

The aim of the club, Magnitude - The Theatre Club, is to provide a platform to the students to perform and excel in the field of art, creativity and dramatics. The club organizes various events like One-Act plays, Poster making, Debate, Collage making and Caricature as part of its activities to explore the talent and give the students an opportunity to express themselves.

THROTTLE -SAE Collegiate Club

Technical Sae India

The SAE club of the University showcased various events during the past session. Efficycle ,Baja, Xebec’14 and XeLerATe’14. The national competition hosted by SAE every year is Efficycle. The vehicles were subjected to various tests in order to find out the best design amongst the nation-wide participation.

Command (Programming Club)

Technical Command

'Command' - the programming Club of SPSU organized several events in the past years. The events included an orientation programme followed by an Open Quiz called “Test your Wits”. A series of three workshops were also conducted on Web Technologies. A mega quiz event called “Cyberbuzz” was organized in association with the Cyborg Club of the University.

Concept (Organizer Club)

Responsibility Concept

This club plan and organizes all the club events of the University. It includes both administrative and logistic arrangements needed for all the clubs of the University. It coordinates with Administrative and support staff of the University for successfully organizing various events in the University.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

International Education

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell(EDC) at SPSU aimed at providing information about functioning of EDC to the new studen. EDC-SPSU has also established contacts with other Incubation Cells such as ‘A- Ventures’ and E – Cells in other Universities. The cell has also been providing support for coordinating Project-Endeavour at the University.

Spark(Electronics & Electrical Club)

Technical Electronic

The electronics club provides a platform to the SPSU students to make the electronics based projects. The main achievement of the Spark club is as under:

  • PCB Designing and Fabrication: Students are encouraged to start their projects with PCB designing and fabrication by their own in the project lab.

  • Self Workshop: Students of the club started various electronics projects by their own and organizes a self work-shop

  • Freshmen First Electronics Project: The major aim was to encourage freshmen towards technical activities. The project named “Variable Regulated Power Supply” was successfully completed and housed in a workable form.


SPSU Club Social Hope

‘Hope’ is the environment club of SPSU. This club held various activities like student awareness programs for environmental pollution control methods, tree plantation, seminars and workshops for environment protection. The student initiated the go green program on campus.


Spot Light

Music is an art, nurtured and cultured amongst all students of SPSU. It is especially one of the medium for social gathering for the students to break free from the academic rigour, relax and pursue creativity. Spot Light Club, started in August 2017, endeavours to provide a platform for nurturing young talents and entertainment to the residents of SPSU. The club provides opportunity to the students to not just exhibit their hidden talents but also to participate in Inter College Competitions and win accolades.


At SPSU, sports form one of the important aspects of a student's development. From increasing concentration levels and working as a team to inculcating a winning spirit; sports help students build a strong character and a well-rounded personality. Through its excellent sports facilities, SPSU offers opportunities to students for regular work-out, lifestyle management and interaction.


  1. Football ground: A lush green football ground for playing football matches on campus. It is also lightened with powerful halogen lights so that students can play in the evening hours.

  2. Cricket ground: A cricket pitch curated by the professional curator for playing cricket matches.

  3. Basket ball court: A cemented court with flood lights is made for the students for playing basket ball.

  4. Lawn tennis court. Adjacent to basketball court there is a lawn tennis court.

  5. Badminton court: Each hostel on campus has one/two badminton courts for playing badminton matches.

  6. TT room: A TT table is available with TT arena for playing TT matches.

  7. Gymnasium equipped with most-modern fitness machines.

  8. Indoor games like Carrom, Chess etc are also made available in the common rooms of each hostel.

  9. Separate indoor and outdoor games court/grounds have been provided separately for each boys and girls hostels of the University.

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