Chancellor's Message

The internet-revolution, which has been a game-changer in the real sense of term, has opened up enormous opportunities for youth of today. Combined with rapid improvements in the means of transport communication and increasing globalization the opportunities for advancement which have come in the way of young were not even dreamt of by earlier generations. The advancement in technology has led to “death of distance”. The latest scientific inventions are available in the remotest parts of the world, and information travels faster than aircrafts. Knowledge and Wisdom, stored in books and libraries across the world are available at every student’s doorsteps. A student can access it by click of a “mouse”. In order to leverage these advantages and capitalize the opportunities, it is essential that the students have the right orientation and attitude. Mere ambitions or aspiration will not do. Ambition must be backed by hard-work; aspiration must be supported by dedication.

Over two hundred years ago Wordsworth wrote, in the wake of the French Revolution,

“Bliss it was in those days to be alive and to be young was very heaven”

In the context of technological revolution one could voice similar sentiments about the modern times. SPSU offers facilities and infrastructure which is second to none in the country. I am sure the students will make use of these facilities which will propel them in the pursuit of knowledge and advancement of their careers.

B K Goswami

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