Campus Facilities

Clean and Green Campus

SPSU campus is a Clean and Green Campus

SPSU campus is a Clean and Green Campus. Green landscaping is done with trees and plants. Avenue trees, ornamental and fruit trees are planted. About Fifty different types of trees and shrubs cover over one-fourth of campus contributing towards preservation of climate conditions and adding beauty to the campus.

Mess and Food Court

The Food Court comprises of Snacks Bar and Happinezz

The two separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian mess with well-equipped kitchen, R.O. water, water coolers, fire protection equipment and telephone connectivity cater to the needs of students and staff coming from all over the country.The Food Court comprises of Snacks Bar and Happinezz (Ice Cream Parlour), provides delicious and quality foods like burger, pizza, rolls, tea, coffee, cold drinks, fruit juice etc. to students and staff of SPSU.

Medical Facilities

University has an ambulance for 24 X 7 emergency.

A functional dispensary with a resident medical attendant is available 24 X 7 in the University premises to provide medical aid to the residents. The University has an ambulance for 24 X 7 emergency. The University has also tied up with the leading hospitals of the city.

24*7 WiFi enabled campus

High speed internet to all students and faculty members

The University provides Wi-Fi with high speed internet to all students and faculty members, through SWAYAM platform and creates a digital campus with Wi-Fi facilities (optical fibre, access switches, wireless access points and security equipment etc.). The University is maintaining a well acquired speed 24 X 7 every day in association with BSNL and Reliance JIO Network.


A Bank of Baroda ATM at the university entrance facilities easy access to Bank Accounts.

Safety and Security

Campus security is provided by G4S, one of the best security service agencies in the country

Campus security is provided by G4S, one of the best security service agencies in the country. The entire campus is monitored with C.C.T.V. cameras. Traffic norms have been devised and followed effectively within the campus for the safety of the residents. Wardens and Assistant wardens are appointed for each hostel to maintain discipline and security within the hostel premises. All the students (girls and boys) are taken care of by the assistant wardens and wardens in their respective hostels. Anti-ragging committee comprising of faculty members, nonteaching staff, parents and students (both from senior and fresh batch) is responsible for maintaining ragging free environment for the students of both genders. The discipline committee members remain vigilant throughout the year to maintain discipline and take necessary action. All students of the university are covered by a Group Personal Accident Insurance policy.

Waste Management

University has incorporated waste management initiatives. Three Sewage Treatment Plants of total 450 KLD provide manure and water for landscaping.

Buildings have special pipelines for enabling flushing through recycled water. Well laid-out system for waste separation and handling activities is associated with waste management. Proper waste management techniques are adopted for all types of waste. Different colour containers are used to collect recyclable and non-recyclable waste to be disposed accordingly.Waste water including household sewage and runoff is made to undergo sewage treatment to produce an environmentally safe fluid waste stream and a solid waste suitable for disposal or reuse as farm fertilizer. STPs can treat up to 4.5 lakh liters of liquid waste per day.

Solid waste, including household is collected in different waste bins according to the category of waste and then disposed separately. Solid waste filled-in different colored containers at the source of collection are moved to the main point of collection everyday, and moved to the disposal site. SPSU has an Incinerator to put in all garbage and maintain cleanliness in the campus.

RO Water Plant

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant of University supplies pure drinking water to all the hostels and faculty residences 24 X 7