Academic Regulations 2008 (Amended 2018)



  • There will be two mid-term and one end-term examination in each semester

  • Regular end-term and special examination will be held together

  • Back examination will be held separately

  • Fee for all regular examinations (two mid-term and one end-term examination) are included in the academic fees. For any other examination like special and back examinations, a charge of Rs. 750/- per course (per paper) will be levied


  • There is a system of carrying forward the course in which a student has failed. If any student clears at least two courses in a semester, he/she may be allowed to be admitted in the next higher semester on probation. In subsequent semesters, the student will have to appear in his/her regular semester courses plus the back courses. The clearance of the back courses can be done only when they are offered. The restriction of odd and even semesters will apply.

  • In case the syllabus of any course is modified, the back examination will be held on the basis of the modified syllabus of the course.

Programme Duration

  • The University offers programmes of two, three and four year’s duration and the fee remains same for the entire duration of the programme. If any student exceeds the minimum duration of the programme then they will have to pay the revised academic fees for that programme while seeking admission in the extended semester(s).

  • If any student fails to complete his/her academic programme within the minimum duration of the programme, the University will withdraw its placement assistance.

Special Examination

  • The students having less than 75% attendance (65% on medical grounds) can appear in a Special examination conducted for the purpose.

  • The maximum number of times a student can appear in Special examinations will be half the number of their programme semester duration. (For example, four times for an eight semester programme, thrice for a six semester programme and twice for a four semester programme). If a student has shortage of attendance thereafter, he/she shall have to repeat the course when offered.

Detailed Academic Regulations 2008 (Amended 2018)