Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Objectives of Programme:

  • To identify and train the potential entrepreneurs in the region;
  • To impart basic managerial knowledge and understanding;
  • To provide post-training assistance;
  • To develop and strengthen entrepreneurial quality and motivation;
  • To analyze the environmental issues related to the proposed project;
  • To help in selecting the right type of project and products;
  • To formulate the effective and profitable project;
  • To enhance industrial development
  • To acquire necessary managerial skills required to run the industrial unit.
  • To acquaint and appreciate the required social responsibility/ entrepreneurial discipline.

Small business Planning

  • Market Survey
  • Project Report preparation
  • Basic Startup Problem

Appraising Small business opportunities

  • Project Appraisal techniques
  • Assessing market opportunities and competition
  • Financial feasibility analysis

Small business Management Skills

  • Fundamentals of small business management
  • Financial management including costing and accounting
  • Raising funds
  • Marketing Management
  • Taxation in India

Legal Business Structure

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Cooperative
  • S Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company

Regulatory Requirements of Business

  • Statutory Compliances, Clearance & Approval

Banking Process

DIC/Banker Involvement

Government Schemes

  • Make in India
  • Digital India
  • Startup India
  • Stand up India

 Loan Funding

  • How to get easy Loan from Agencies (Govt. & Private).
  • How to apply for Loan: Procedure and Criteria
  • Why the loan applications are rejected?

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