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Bechelor of Technology (B.Tech)


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By creating, developing, organizing and managing complex technologies and products, engineers and technologists play a crucial role in contributing to the betterment of humanity and in shaping our world. Seeking solutions to the most difficult challenges of our day in the context of physical, economic, human, political, legal and cultural realities makes engineering and technology a tremendously exciting endeavour. In a world increasingly influenced by science and technological innovation, engineers can provide important leadership to the society.

The growing influence of technology on all functions of society has created a large demand for engineering graduates, not only to enter the professional practice of engineering & technology, but also to bring the strengths of engineering & technology education to related fields such as law, medicine, management, and government. Never have the challenges and opportunities for careers in engineering & technology been more exciting or more critical to the long term well-being of society than they are today.

The primary objectives of SPSU are to educate and prepare men and women for leadership in industry, government and educational institutions; to advance the knowledge base of the engineering professions; and to influence the future directions of engineering & technology education and practice.

Education programmes of our University emphasize understanding of fundamental principles; facility with experimental, computational and analytical methods; development of skill in the creative processes of engineering such as design; and the development of a self-confidence and versatility of mind that prepare the individual for alifetime of learning and professional growth.

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